April 2, 2017

The Peculiar Lives of Circus Freaks is LIVE

It's alive!!

where you'll meet beasts and beauties and everything in between.
Inside the Big Top you'll find daring adventures from:
Tia Silverthorne Bach ~The Animal Tamer trying to deny her own animal instincts.
Amy Evans ~ The Mermaid Prince who’s determined to stand on his own two feet.
Allyson Gottlieb ~ The Magician running from the sins of his past.
Liz Long ~ The Ringmaster, whose last wish is to be in the center ring.
Kelly Martin ~ The Cursed Performer free for one day only.
Misty Provencher ~ The Fortune Teller who takes more than just your breath away.
Mindy Ruiz ~ The Bearded Lady trying to break an ancient curse.
BJ Sheldon takes us behind the circus curtain with her Roadie.
Unveil the mysteries of The Peculiar Lives of Circus Freaks.
Where things are never what they seem.

My story, Shifter Sideshow, is features Karlee who works with the animal trainers with the big cats, but she soon finds out some animals should never be caged.

And I'm announcing for the first time here that Shifter Sideshow will jumpstart a new paranormal series for me, so don't miss our chance to to get a sneak peek while also reading stories from seven other authors.

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