April 20, 2017

Q = Queen #AtoZchallenge

Another Thursday in April, and another installment of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge series. We now get into the part of the alphabet with some challenging letters, starting with today's letter--Q.

All month I've been exploring what fairy tales can teach us today. When I set out, I wanted to cover a wide range of fairy tale characters, including villains.

So for today...

Q = Queen

As in the Evil Queen from the Snow White tale. The woman so obsessed with being the most beautiful person in the kingdom that her heart turned black.

What can we learn from the Queen today?

Social media has only exacerbated the image of beauty and how far you can go to achieve it. It seems like every other ad is for some anti-wrinkle cream, smoothing ointment, or cover up. Not to mention plastic surgery. There is a point where we must learn to love ourselves. No amount of products or surgeries will do what embracing who we are will.

And further, we all have insecurities. Everyone. We should always work to accept them--nobody is perfect. Otherwise, those insecurities will grow, causing us to make poor choices as the insecurities take over. 

From these points, the biggest lesson comes through: Real beauty comes from within.

Who is your favorite Disney villain? What did you learn from him/her?

1 comment:

Jo Michaels said...

My favorite villain used to be Maleficent. Until Disney did what they did. I loved the movie, but I also loved to hate her, and it's not so easy anymore. :(

That message: Love yourself for exactly who/what you are. Best lesson EVER. Great post!!