April 5, 2017

D = Dorothy #AtoZChallenge

Happy Hump Day! And welcome to my blog. This month I am discussing fairy tales as part of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge

I love fairy tales, and I wanted to explore what we can still learn from them today. My next choice is a favorite movie from my childhood and spun off one of my favorite plays as an adult (although if I'm totally honest, I did not love Wicked in novel form).

So for this fine Wednesday...

D = Dorothy

While I don't remember the first time I saw The Wizard of Oz, I do recall showing it to my kids for the first time, watching their faces beam as they escaped into the fantasy of Oz.

I'm sure my mom felt the same way the first time she introduced it to me. And is there anything better than a tale that holds up for generations?

Which leads me to my theme...

What can we learn from Dorothy today?

Fearlessness. First and foremost, Dorothy taught us to be fearless in our pursuits to find home. In a strange land with strange people and happenings, Dorothy followed her destined path, letting nothing stand in her way.

And, even better, along the way she stopped to help others in need instead of being blinded by her own ultimate goal. She could have easily been so headstrong that she failed to notice anyone else, much less take the time to stop and help them.

Believe, but don't blindly believe. Inquisitiveness, and trusting her gut, led Dorothy to uncover the truth behind Oz and to realize the power to return home was hers all along. I believe in mystery, in things we can't always understand, but I also trust our ability to reason and research facts. In our world of technology, there's no real excuse not to check things out, but there are other things where we can take a leap of faith.

Do you love The Wizard of Oz? What lessons did you take from it?

And join me tomorrow for E = Elsa... I know, I know... the song is already stuck in your head. 


lissa said...

my favorite character is Toto. I just like that he's around to keep Dorothy company. I thought never of Dorothy as a heroine, she was just someone who wants to get home, very simple.

have a lovely day.

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Martha Reynolds said...

Dorothy is great, and es, a heroine.
And I think the idea of a person, male or female, on a journey is so iconic.
I just recently watched "The Way" (movie) with Martin Sheen, and I thought of TWOO. Sheen was Dorothy, joined by three characters as he followed his path.
Great post, Tia.

Jo Michaels said...

I love The Wizard of Oz!!! Never read the book, but who could ever get tired of that movie? I ADORE Judy Garland, too. I always took away that you should treat everyone with as much kindness as you'd like to be treated with. Kind of the Golden Rule. Dorothy was the epitome of good. :)