October 9, 2015

Meet Some UtopYA2015 Lovelies (Unofficial) : Kelly Martin

Please welcome my next guest in my Meet Some UtopYA2015 Lovelies (Unofficial) series. I met Kelly online when we were both taking Janet Wallace’s amazing class: StandUP. StandOUT. RakeItIn.

We connected right away, and became Happy Buddies. Our goal: to encourage and lift one another, especially when fears creep up. I couldn’t wait to finally meet her at UtopYA. Her smile lights up a room, and she has some wicked dance moves.

Thanks for hanging out with me on the blog today.

KM: Thank you for having me! I'm excited to get started... excited and scared. Very... very scared ;)

You are such an inspiration to me, because you are not shy to be you. I love your YouTube channel (subscribe here if you don’t – every video brings a smile to my face). Why did you decide to do video?

KM: Awwww. I'm so totally shy. You have no idea. As long as I have a backspace (or an edit button), I'm fine. BUT I'm working on it. I like doing videos because I think sometimes it is easier to get your point across on video. Plus, I love youtube and I wanted to be a part of it.

Youtube scares me, which means I really need to try it, too! You are quite prolific. Where do you get your story ideas? Do you have a favorite genre to write so far?

KM: Yeah. My 15th book comes out this month. That's just insane to me. My story ideas either come from a 'what if' question that pops in my head or a scene that I want to know how the people got there-- or just a random elevator ride (the book I'm working on now started on the elevator ride from the 10th to the 1st floor at utopya this year :) ).

15 books. Oh my. That's awesome. Tell me about your latest novel, The Fall

KM: It came out July 28th. It is the third book in the Sloan series. Sloan has had it rough. She was attacked in her house in the first book and doesn't know by who. You know by now (if you've read the books) but I won't spoil it if you haven't. There are also two brothers: Aaron and Ray. Aaron is the Dean Winchester type. Which is strange to me since I'd never watched Supernatural when I wrote it. Ray is the sweet, loveable sensible one. Most people are #teamAaron (he's so cute!). I'm one of the few #teamRay people. We shall see who wins Sloan's heart? (and you will find out in The Fall).

We have so much in common, including both having three beautiful daughters. What is your greatest dream for them?
KM: My biggest dream for them is to be happy and to have supportive people in their lives (even when I'm not around).
When your kids are old enough, what’s the first ‘80s movie—since I know we both love this decade—you are going to show them? I showed my daughter Footloose first, because I knew she’d love it.

KM: Back to the Future :) And Gremlins--- because I think it would be fun. Well, maybe Gremlins 2. I liked that one better. ;)
My youngest loves Gremlins. We really are separated at birth. So, I've been asking all the lovelies... what's your favorite inspirational quote? Why?

KM: She thought she could, so she did.-- I don't know who said it, but I see it on pinterest a lot :)
What do you think makes UtopYA, renamed Utopia for its fifth year in 2016, so special?
KM: I think that it's lasted so long is special. The fact that it'll be my 4th time there is special for me. It is just a really cool experience, and I'm proud to be a part of it.

Kelly shared this awesome picture from the hotel lobby at UtopYA. Guess she can find her beloved Sam (from Supernatural) anywhere. 

Her lovely sister joined her for the festivities. Loved meeting her, too.

✮ Quick Answers  

Last Movie you Saw: Friday the 13th (2009 version)
Comedy, Romance, Drama, or Horror? Horror
Last Book you Read: The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken (I love it!)
First Job: Daycare worker
Gift cards or cash? Cash
Favorite Vacation Spot: Myrtle Beach

More about Kelly

Kelly Martin is a bestselling author of contemporary, historical, and YA romance. She has been married for over ten years and has three rowdy, angelic daughters. When she's not writing, she loves watching horror gamers on YouTube-- even though she's a huge wimp-- and drinking white chocolate mochas. She's a total fangirl, loves the 80s and 90s, and has a sad addiction to a certain British boy band (shhhh). Her favorite characters are the 'bad guys'-- especially those who, in their mind, are the heroes of the story. She loves helping her characters fight for their ever after. 

If you ever have a question or comment, feel free to email her at kellymartin215 @ yahoo . com ♥ You can follow her writing adventure at Kelly Martin Books

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Jo Michaels said...

OMG LOL! I totally just showed my youngest Gremlins a couple months ago. We've also watched Watership Down, The Dark Crystal, and The Last Unicorn :) All excellent education. haha! I adore Kelly. This was such a great interview. Well done, ladies!