March 27, 2015

YA Extravaganza

It's Friday... the last one of March. Wow, time sure does fly when you are having fun.

Speaking of fun, you are invited to a party this weekend, starting at 2:00pm CST today (3/27), on Facebook.

It's the YA Extravaganza.

This is a YA ONLY event. In order to get some of the best YA Authors out there in one place to meet other YA authors and the wonderful people who love to read that genre. Also to help find books that you and your kids can enjoy, read & chat together about! 

Here's the lineup...

Friday 27th 

4-5pm - Tia Silverthorne Bach
5-6pm - Marica Vance Author
6-7pm - Kelly A Risser
7-7:30 - Alexia Purdy
7:30-8pm - M.R. Polish 

8-9pm - YA Author Susan Stielow
9-10pm - Kristyn Eudes
10-10:30 - Veronica Williams (host) closing the night post in for Rachel M Raithby Author

Saturday 28th 
12noon- 1pm - Janae Mitchell, Author
1-2pm - H.G. Lynch
2-3pm - Sabrina Bradley Archer
3-4pm - Kelly Anne
4-5pm - JP Barry
5-6pm - Amanda Porter
6-7pm- Jennifer Melzer
7-8pm - Carrigan Richards
8-9pm - Heather Dowell
9-10pm - Author AS Oren

Sunday 29th
3-4pm - Denice Garrou
4-5pm - Kyra Dune
5-6pm - Theresa Kay, Author
6-7pm - Tina Bell (PA posting)
7-8pm - Author Brooklyn Taylor
8-9pm - Daniele Lanzarotta
9-10pm - Nicole Neace-Rickman

I'll be kicking off the party, so please stop by between 4-5:00pm CST. I'm giving away some fun prizes, including ebooks of Chasing Shadows and Fractured Glass. Oh, and I might even give away a copy of Chasing Forgiveness (debuting April 14, 2015).

Hope to see you there!

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Jo Michaels said...

I'm so glad to hear it went well :) I can't wait to talk with you later! WRITE ON!