March 30, 2015

Kristina Circelli, Ripley's Booklist & UtopYA : Indie News & Highlights

I love Mondays! Each week I scour posts, Facebook, and Twitter to find awesome Indie News & Highlights. I have to admit... I end up fan-girling while doing so.

Oh, and next Monday (4/6), I'll be revealing the cover for Chasing Forgiveness. I can't even explain how excited I am. If you'd like to get an exclusive first look at the cover, sign up for my newsletter here.

Now, to this week's highlights.


First up... a cover reveal of Kristina Circelli's latest book, Unbroken Beings. Isn't it gorgeous?

Cover Design by Michelle Monique
About Unbroken Beings

“Promise me, little elf.” Evangeline Frost had a plan, once. Attend a prestigious art school, become a renowned painter. It was a dream she shared with her father, one that was ripped away in the car accident that claimed his life.

At California’s Kindred Hides Wildlife Preserve, Evangeline thought she had finally grieved for her father and moved on. But now, halfway around the world in Zambia at a new sanctuary for animals, Evangeline finds herself haunted by old memories … and a promise she has yet to fulfill.

Nightmares plague her dreams. Caster’s flirtations confuse her. And when poachers invade the preserve, they leave behind a devastation that threatens to break her apart.

Now Evangeline lives for a different dream: to save the lives of every animal who calls the preserve home, no matter the cost. A crusade that strains her budding relationship with Caster, a mission taking her further away from dreams of the past ‒ and gives her an orphaned elephant calf to call her own.

Evangeline Frost has a new plan. Protect the preserve and keep a promise that will finally heal her heart … or put her very life at risk.

Coming: Mid to late 2015


There's an awesome new service for readers and writers alike...

RIPLEY’S BOOKLIST is a Young Adult Fiction e-book subscription list curated by YA author, Ripley Patton, and her YA son. We serve up quality CHEAP and FREE YA book deals to your inbox once a week. 

Find out more here.

In case you missed Saturday's special post, I wanted to put in another plug for UtopYA. 

Keynote speakers Denise Grover Swank, Lauren Miller and Kim Holden will kick off each day followed by educational panels, games, screenings and more. These panels contain expert advice to aspiring authors and book bloggers, plus open discussion for audience participation. Over 100 exhibitors will showcase their work and meet readers; a B&N and indie bookstore are also on site. In addition to the cosplay karaoke on Friday night, the highly anticipated UtopYA Awards will take place Saturday evening, where nominees are honored thanks to their peers and fans. We'll get dressed up and dance the night away as we fangirl over our favorite book boyfriends ;) 

In addition, there is a book signing on Saturday that is open to the public - all UtopYA asks is a book donation or $5 to their charity Book 'Em. In return, you'll meet bestselling authors, plus a chance to discover plenty of new ones! More than a few women have called this event a life-changing experience! The event is already at 75% capacity, so get your tickets here or hurry over for more information at


If you have any Indie news to share, please let me know. I hope everyone has an amazing week full of great new finds.

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Jo Michaels said...

Fragile Creatures was SUCH an excellent book. I can't even say how many times I cried. It was that gut wrenching. :) I can't wait for the second one.

I signed up for Ripley's Booklist a long time ago. What an excellent idea she has there :)