March 16, 2015

Remembered & Unicorn : Indie News & Highlights

Happy Monday!

I've got some great stuff to share today. Thanks to the awesomeness of the Indie community, I don't think I'll ever lack exciting stuff to share for my weekly Indie News & Highlights post.

First up... Kelly Risser debuted the cover for her latest book late last week.

About Always Remembered

One clue… what does it mean?

Ken, the leader of the Blue Men of the Minch, has kidnapped Evan. Before they left, Evan was able to leave a package for Meara—her grandfather’s necklace wrapped in a cloth napkin with one word written in blood. Azuria. Unfortunately, Meara doesn’t understand it, and neither does her dad or Kieran.

While her dad and Aunt Brigid attempt to rescue Evan, Meara and Kieran begin to train the clan to fight and defend their home. A war is brewing, and Meara is determined they must prepare for the battle. The training sessions are long and arduous, but the Selkies work hard to learn.

Meanwhile, Evan wakes and finds himself in Belle Tresor, the home of the Sirens. He’s bound to his blue form, unable to transform to human, and Ken has plans to use Evan’s powers to destroy the Selkies. Thankfully, he’s not alone. He befriends a Siren named Deanna and several Blue Men. Can he trust them to help him escape or do they have ulterior motives?

As both sides prepare for an ultimate confrontation, the stakes are high and friendships are tested. Some will rise to be victorious. Some will be destroyed. But love and loyalty will be always remembered in this exciting conclusion to the Never Forgotten series.

If you haven't read Never Forgotten, book 1 in the series, it's FREE! Get your copy now. 

I loved Never Forgotten. You can read my review here.


Who doesn't love a gorgeous cover? This week there's another one by the awesome Regina Wamba.
 Coming April 2015

To find out more about Delphina Henley and the book that started it all, Unless You Can Be A Unicorn, check out her website here.


If you have any Indie news to share, please let me know. I hope everyone has an amazing week full of great new finds.


Tonja Drecker said...

Both covers are lovely! Congrats!

Jo Michaels said...

Love these women :) Great covers, eh? Thanks for sharing.