March 31, 2014

Almost April. Really? -- ROW80

Usually the holidays fly by, and I stare down the face of winter and know the days will drag until spring break. Not this year. Although, living in California takes away the winter effect. 

I truly have no clue what happened to the first quarter of 2014 and round one of A Round of Words in 80 Days (ROW80)

Yes, I'm neck deep in preparations for my newest YA book, Chasing Shadows, to debut. And I have been quite busy with proofreading and editing jobs. 

Wait, I guess I do know where the time went. 

I'm actually pretty happy with my ROW80 Round One achievements. 

Speaking of which, tomorrow (gasp--tomorrow!) I will be revealing the cover of Chasing Shadows. I am so fortunate that some amazing authors and bloggers are helping me out and showing it off starting tomorrow through 4/5. SO excited!

Normally, in April, I participate in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. As much as I hate to miss, I am focusing on writing my novella this month. It's 25,000 words or bust!

Wishing everyone an amazing Monday. Please check back tomorrow for the cover reveal. 

Oh, and I saw Divergent last night. I thought it was great, and I rarely feel that way when I've loved a book. But this has a lot to do with why...



Stephsco said...

I still haven't seen Divergent! Maybe this week. I also debated whether to do A to Z to focus more on my writing, but I went for it anyway. I'm doing short posts and so far it's only taken a few afternoons to put the posts together.

krystal jane said...

I decided not to do the A to Z challenge, too. I'm finally writing good again and I don't want to stall my momentum any. I haven't read Divergent yet, so I don't know if I want to see the movie or not. I keep hearing mixed reviews about it.

I'm so excited about the cover reveal! It looks SO good!! ^_^

Jo Michaels said...

Well get busy with the writing!! We still have to design the cover, get it edited, and get it published before UtopYA! Eeeeeeeep!! Lol

Seriously though, the first half of this year DID fly by...


Tia Bach said...

Steph - Divergent was great, but there were some differences from the book. Loved Theo James as Four.

Krystal - I'm with you. I SO need to write.

Jo - To you by Wednesday, my friend. ;-)