July 10, 2013

Mammoth Moments: ROW80 Update

Still on my cross-country trip and book cover tour. The girls and I, along with Mom, are chasing memories.

Since I moved around a lot as a kid, I wanted the girls to see some of the areas I have lived and visit some of my favorite places. Yesterday, we toured Mammoth Cave in Kentucky.

If you've never been, it's amazing. Mammoth Cave is part of the longest cave system known in the world. It's hard to walk through those caves and not think of a story. Remains of humans have been found as far back as 5000 years ago and up to 2500 years ago. They don't know why there was nothing more recent than that (until 1797 when the cave was discovered).

As we walked through, I imagined the early explorers of the cave. At one point, the guide turned off all the lights. You couldn't see anything (my 8yo daughter was clinging to me). Quite eerie.

I love when an adventure sparks imagination.

It's Wednesday and time for my A Round of Words in 80 Days (ROW80) update...

Write. Write. Write.

Busy. Even wrote in a moving vehicle for thirty minutes today. I realized I needed to write out some details from Book 1 to make sure Book 2 addresses any loose ends.

Market Chasing Memories

Still working on the interview questions and guest posts for my Chasing Memories book tour in August through Tribute Books. Insecurity rears its ugly head with this sometimes... do I sound interesting? I so hate talking about myself. Guess I know my #IWSG post for August!

But here's my banner...


Cool, huh? Getting excited.


Sticking to my adjusted MWF only schedule. It's a great summer schedule, so I plan to keep it up through the end of August. So glad I decided to be a sponsor this round--it's a great way to stay connected with everyone.

Hope everyone is rocking Round 3!

*** For those of you wondering about the Chasing Memories cover in my photos, read my Chasing Memories A-La Flat Stanley post.


krystal jane said...

I love the banner!
I've heard great things about Mammoth Cave. I really need to get up there one weekend.

Dude, I love talking about myself. Lol! But if it helps, I've never read an author interview I didn't find interesting.

Unknown said...

Writing in a moving vehicle? That's dedicated! The banner is really cool looking. I wish you the best on your blog tour.

Beth Camp said...

That's an amazing banner! Can't wait to hear more about the blog hop for your book. And that author interview. How did you come up with questions ahead of time?

Writing while on the road = personal writing catches those details like this post, linking childhood memories with the now. Lovely. Writing on wip while on the road? Absolutely amazing again. Enjoy each day of this memory-making trip!

Jo Michaels said...

I tried to do a blog tour. Only got posted to like three blogs but never got a bill, either. Oh well. Maybe I'll hook one up for M. Never know. Those caves sound like fun. I've always wanted to go caving...

Anywho, wish you would've come to Georgia :) WRITE ON!