July 26, 2013

Girl Power -- Why Female Characters Appeal to Me

In my first book, Depression Cookies, the main character is a sassy thirteen-year-old who struggles to find her groove in a constantly changing environment (multiple moves). She's also faced with supporting a friend, Alyssa, who is wasting away to nothing as she fights anorexia.

In Chasing Memories, seventeen-year-old Reagan's world is turned upside down when she survives a horrible accident and her brother doesn't. Beyond the pain and suffering of loss, she is caught in the middle of her mother and grandmother and their different ways to help her heal. To further complicate her life, her dreams are hinting at more than a simple accident.

What both books have in common... strong female main characters.

As both a writer and a reader, I'm most intrigued with young adult female characters. Men are great, too, but I have a more intimate knowledge of women's choices, hopes, dreams, and power.

First, I am a woman. But more than that, I am the oldest of three sisters and the mother to three daughters. I live and breathe female strength. I have an amazing mother and was fortunate to know both her mother and her grandmother--both women way ahead of their time with strength coursing through their veins.

They say you should write what you know. Women are complicated creatures, beautifully so, so I can't say I "know" everything about them. But, I have had a lot of experience and I'm constantly challenged to want to know more. After all, I'm responsible for growing three strong women.

Today, I just wanted to share some of these women.

My Mom, Dad and 2 sisters

My husband and three daughters

My parents with their 8 granddaughters
What inspires your characters? What characters speak to you as a reader?


Tonja Drecker said...

Lovely pictures! With all that girl power, it's no wonder you love strong, female characters.

krystal jane said...

Awesome girl power!
I like strong female characters too. Especially when they're flawed and don't really realize it and we can all watch them slowly fall apart over the course of the novel. And then put themselves back together again, of course, stronger than ever. :)

Michelle Wallace said...

What wonderful pictures.
8 granddaughters? Wow.
Lots of female power in your family Tia. I can fully understand what has influenced your writing.
Writer In Transit

Unknown said...

I love writing strong girls too, and I'm normally inspired by fairy tales.
It has got to the stage though where I sometimes worry my male characters are being sacrificed as a result. Do you worry about that too?

Jo Michaels said...

OMG! You so have to read Yassa!! I wrote it from a male POV but the female lead is just as important and drives much of the story. Don't you have a copy? LOL! Hugs! Hope all is well. WRITE ON!

Deniz Bevan said...

Lovely photos!
I like strong female characters too - nothing worse than a wishy washy MC who can't make up their minds.

Tia Bach said...

T - Thanks!

Krystal - Definitely flawed, because all of us are. Most of our strengths come from dealing with our flaws and falling first.

Michelle - Thanks.

Deborah - I agree about the male characters. They have to be just as strong.

Jo - It's on my Kindle, and I'm heading on Vacation. ;-)

Deniz - Thanks. SO agree about wishy-washy. Bleh!