November 12, 2012

First Things First: ROW80 & NaNoWriMo Updates

The lessons just keep on coming. NaNo has turned into so much more than a word churning factory. I am grateful for the words, but in the months that follow NaNo, I'll be just as grateful for the biggest lesson . . . a newfound focus on actually writing novels.

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When I published Depression Cookies, I did not have a website or blog. I had so much catching up to do. It became such a focus, I forgot to write.

NaNo has reminded me that without books, what exactly is an author platform for?

I built it so they would come, but I want them to come to my books. For that to happen, there needs to be books.

I'm very proud of Depression Cookies, but it was published in October 2010. That's forever ago in the publishing world. These days, it seems like authors need to pump them out much faster.

What do you think? In this new publishing world,
are authors expected to publish more frequently?

Don't get me wrong, I do believe in quality over quantity, but I wasn't even writing like I should. I succumbed to the allure of finding my place in the online writing world. I don't regret the friendships I've made or the platform I've built, but I know I need to write. Not just want... need.

Now for my newest NaNo word count (and ROW80 update, since my only goal is to keep up my NaNo progress) . . . I hit 18,728 earlier today. My goal is to hit 25,000 before 11/15 to be just a bit ahead.

And I really like this story so far. That's the best part! (And it really wouldn't be as much fun without all my lovely writing friends!)


Juliana Haygert said...

Ha, love that joke! Perfect!
Yes, I think authors are expected to publish more frequently, but I also think you have ways around that.
First, if you chose the trad route, everyone knows it'll take longer for anything/everything to happen, and in the beginning, only 1 or 2 books will be published per year.
On self-publishing, I like when an author can publish fast, but not too fast. If they churn out anything more than 4 books a year, I'm gonna start doubting the quality - not that that's impossible ... still.
Awesome word count. Keep that up!

Helene Poulakou said...

No, we're not factories.
A story needs to be interesting, well-structured, and well-said.

And, yes, we should write -- this is what makes us writers, right?

Jo Michaels said...

I'm so glad to hear you're back in the writing groove. Thank you for taking on this challenge with me! It's writing buddies like you that make me want to succeed. I love that your "best part" is how much you love the novel you're writing.

As far as your question goes: I do think you should be putting out more than one book every two years. Maybe two per year if you can. But! I think you could do four to six and still have the quality you're looking for. Why? Because you're a writer. When you're focused, you grow wings and fly. Get the book out of you, put it away, and start on something else for a while. After six weeks or so, bring that first one back out and edit some. Keep more than one going at a time and you'll find your production rate will go through the roof :)


alberta ross said...

I think what suits you and your life is the amount of books you should put out - love the writing love the book - yes I think readers are less likely to have the patience to wait a very long time for a second or third book - but just to write them for that reason wouldn't work for me - I really need to like what I am writing - the hours and emotion (therefore stress) that goes into creation need more than necessity in my opinion.

I published first before establishing platform and have been playing catch up ever since:( I need to write and need to do it before everything else and sometimes resent the time spent on networks but I so appreciate all the friends and generosity I have met on the way - it is finding the balance that is so difficult
youre doing well - hope you are enjoying nano after your doubts - all the best for this week:)

Tia Bach said...

Thanks, Juliana. I am working on two WIPs right now, so I hope to have two books out next year. Yeah, 2013!

Helene, Well said!

Jo, I wasn't sure what I wanted after publishing my first novel (which took 10 years from idea to publication). Now that I know I'm not just a one-book gal, I have high hopes. 2013 should result in 2 new "Bach" books.

Alberta, NaNo has been a wonderful experience so far. I have 20,275 words right now. Even if I don't write one more word (and I'm no quitter!), I have that.

Thanks to each of you for all your encouragment. It means the world to me.

Unknown said...

That's one of my concerns too if I self publish. I can only write so fast, and I want to be known for quality not quantity.

Speed is a huge problem for traditional publishing too. I've quit reading books by two best selling authors because their books were poorly edited.

Julie Glover said...

I really focused on writing and editing the last few days. And then I looked up and saw 80+ blog posts in my reading queue. Yikes! I can't say that I regret ignoring some other stuff, though, while I churned out pages. It did help me think about where my priorities are.