November 21, 2012

Call for Words: ROW80 and NaNo Update

Used with permission from Debbie Ridpath Ohi at
There have been days during NaNo that I wanted to find this guy!

The farther I get into my story, the harder it is not to go back. I think of things I want to insert, and it makes me stumble on moving forward.

I feel like I'm in mile 9 of a half-marathon.

Side Story: I ran my first half-marathon Labor Day weekend. It was on my things-to-do-by-40 list. I trained. The first 8 miles I was feeling good. Then I hit mile 9. Something about mile 9 almost did me in. From the mile 9 marker to the mile 10 marker felt like 3 miles. But then, I finally made it to the elusive mile 10 marker. At that point, I knew I'd make it.

I'm at mile 9 in NaNo. No matter how long I write, it seems to add up to 200 words. But I keep plugging away. Every time I get frustrated, I walk away for a few minutes. That seems to be helping. But, I sure will feel better when I hit 35,000.

My new total: 27,269

Still behind, but I can see mile 10 in the distance.

What do you do when you hit mile 9?


Unknown said...

I was having the same issue, but then I had a few days where I was killing it. It really helped me catch up on my word count. Good luck!

Jo Michaels said...

I saw that guy on my street corner a few days back :) KIDDING! I know how you're feeling. Don't let it get you down and just WRITE ON! :)