July 18, 2012

Admitting I'm Not a Good Multitasker: ROW80 Update

Focusing on my novel writing has not done wonders for my blog writing.

I used to brag about being a good multitasker. But guess what I've discovered? I can do multiple things at once, but I can't do them well.

Blog writing helps with my creativity, but it also drains my creativity and time. Cutting back was the right thing to do, but I miss it.

Still, this graphic helped keep me on track.

More specifically, for me it's about 10 Steps to Becoming a Better Novel Writer.

Are you a good multitasker? Or, do you find yourself simply running around overwhelmed by a multitude of tasks?

A Round of Words in 80 Days (ROW80) Update

Progress On Current Goals

Writing: I have kept to my 30-minutes-a-day commitment with ease. Yes, that probably means I should increase the time, but see my altered goals for this next week below. After that, maybe. Today, I rocked almost two hours of WIP work time. Not all writing, but all progress.

Editing: Two hours today to finish up a project. I wanted to do it justice. I hope I did. The pieces are wonderful, and I want to add value.

Reading: Knocked out another great book. Reviews are being posted like mad to Mom in Love with Fiction. My top recommendation: The Book Thief (review will publish Friday, 7/20).

Blogging: Struggling. I have the focus where it belongs, but I miss blog writing.

Social Media: Creeping through the backlog. To my favorite bloggers, don't worry. I'll be back around.

Alterations for the Next Week

Although I hate to mess with my groove, I need to make adjustments this week. The girls and I are heading out on an adventure. My baby is spending four days with my sister. She's never been away from Mom and Dad for that long. My mom and I are taking the three oldest grandchildren (two are mine) to Breyer Fest in Lexington, KY.

For once, I'm preparing for Life by being realistic about my goals and what I can accomplish. Part of why I've found my groove is because I'm learning to adjust and be realistic, and I'm also learning to balance and enjoy my family.

Writing: I will be doing tons of research on our Depression Cookies follow up, since part of it is set at the University of Kentucky (where I went to college). I'm going to take tons of pictures and notes for scenery and to reboot my memory. Don't know how much writing will get done, but I will be making progress. Let's call it a research field trip.

Blogging: I will skip Sunday's ROW80 check in, as I probably won't have much to check in about. Not sure how vacation pictures play into a writing update. I'll still have a Fun Facts Friday this week and a post on Monday. One prewritten, one not.

Social Media: Hoping I can sit in the hotel room at night and enjoy some blog reading. Cheers to free Wi-Fi.

Reading: Books and Kindle packed. I hope my streak continues.

Looking forward to getting around to blogger friends, old and new, this week!


Jo Michaels said...

I know what you mean about a blog being both a blessing and a curse. My current WIPs are fighting with one another to gain top-placement in my brain and my blog is pushing too.

I hope they don't cause one another to crash and burn :)


Em said...

I know what you mean about doing many things but not necessarily well! Sounds like you have adjusted your goals well though to take account of your adventure and I hope youi meet them all :)

Elise Fallson said...

Have fun at BreyerFest!! :D

Jaleh D said...

Some (not all) of my blogging absence over the past couple weeks has been because I was working on story writing instead and also playing with my son, unpacking, cooking, cleaning, ya-da-ya-da. ;D We won't mention the goofing off parts or the swinging a rattan sword parts. Summer is tough. But I've at least been doing something. Just like you are. Get what you can in and enjoy your family time. :)

Andrea Westphal said...

Honestly, I don't think that many of us are actually good multitaskers - I know I'm not! It sounds like you're consciously choosing what's right for you and I don't think you can go wrong, preserving time and energy for your family and spending more time on your writing. As a new blogger, I find social media overwhelming sometimes, but I'm treating it as a tool for learning - it's great practice but the most important thing right now is developing my writing and of course, not neglecting my husband, family or friends.

Thanks so much for this post. I always enjoy reading your blog...

Tia Bach said...

Jo, I hope your WIPs get along and progress. ;-)

Em, Thanks. This last week has been about family. I'm looking forward to getting back to writing soon.

Elise, We did. Pics coming soon!

Jaleh, Summer is wonderful for memories, all of which makes our writing better. Great to "see" you again.

Andrea, Thanks! It is a great tool. I just need to find balance more consistently.