July 23, 2012

Appreciating Loveliness

A huge thank you to Jo Michaels for the One Lovely Blog Award (which I am sadly quite late accepting). But more importantly, I want to thank Jo for always stopping by and commenting on my blog. I've come to look forward to and appreciate her support.

The rules of the nomination are thus:
I have to tell you seven things about myself and nominate six to ten other bloggers to receive the award.

1. I am a rule-follower, almost to a fault. But oddly enough I bristle at people telling me what to do. I respect and follow things like grammar rules, traffic laws (laws in general), policies, etc. Yet, I will eat vanilla just because someone insists I must have chocolate. If you can figure this out, let me know.

2. I will read any genre, and I often find myself "overdone" if I read too much of one genre in a row. I have read some amazing books lately, but the last few have been WWII-focused, and I might need to put a few years in between those and my next WWII book (or any war-based book).

3. I've lived in many places. My top three...
  • Superior, Colorado (near Boulder)
  • San Diego, California
  • Lexington, Kentucky
4. I love chocolate chips and will add them to many recipes from pancakes to banana bread. If it's sweet, it can benefit from chocolate chips (my favorite: mini milk chocolate ones).

5. I am a partner-runner. I run twice as fast and twice as long when I run with a partner. By myself, I find excuses and figure nobody is watching. Wait, I have an idea... I need a writing partner to sit next to me in Starbucks and write. Someone I know will give me grief if I blow it off!

6. I will be 40 in 12 days. Not that I'm counting. 40 doesn't make me feel old, but having a teenager does.

7. I am the oldest of three girls. Between us we have eight daughters. We are female power. :-) Maybe that's why I prefer writing and reading female characters.

So I am not going to follow the "rule" of nominating 6 to 10 other bloggers, because I love to many blogs and don't want anyone to feel obligated. That being said, please feel free to consider yourself tagged if you are in need of a blog post or a need to feel loved.

Or, better yet... check out my last few posts and visit one of the commenters. They are all lovely bloggers. 


Jo Michaels said...

I know what you mean about having teenagers making you feel old. I have a 17 year old, a 16 year old, and a 14 year old. The eldest graduates high school this year :( Thanks for the nod and I'm glad you took the time to post your random facts :) WRITE ON!

Callie Leuck said...

I did the writing-buddies thing last November with some people in my area for NaNoWriMo. I wasn't really getting much done on my novel, but it was more productive to meet a few other writers at Starbucks, spend 5-10 mins moaning about our novels, and then sit down and write for 3 hours than it usually is for me to sit down alone and write.

Tia Bach said...

Jo, Yes. Those darned teenagers. ;-) Please let me know the secret to making it through since mine are only 12, 10 & 7.

Callie, Writers and Starbucks. I might have to start a W&S group locally. ;-)