November 15, 2015

Win the Donovan Circus series eBooks by Liz Long : 12 Days of Giveaways, Day 4

Welcome to Day 3 of the 12 Days of Giveaways.

Today (11/15/15), you can win the Donovan Circus series by Liz Long in eBooks plus a holiday card signed by the author and mailed to the winner (US Only).

Enter the Rafflecopter below. Contest will close at midnight on 11/16.

About the series:

In Gifted, meet Lucy, a Firestarter who just wants to be normal amongst the freaks. She can control fire, though she’s quick to discover that power doesn’t always bring good things. Her famous father may have created a fiery legacy, but their good name is threatened when Lucy’s framed for murder. Felix Hardy, an old “friend” of the show, offers another side of the Donovan Circus story, one her father never told her. As she struggles to clear her name, Lucy will discover that maybe some things are better left in the past.
You can visit the Gifted page here.

BurnedCoverBurned picks up right where Gifted left off, in a new city and ready to get back to work. When Lucy is attacked on the grounds, it’s discovered her enemy had friends – big ones. Medved, a Shapeshifter known as “the Bear,” is intent on the gifted world’s exposure to humans. To build his army, he needs Sheffield and Lucy out of his way. Sheffield sends Lucy and her friends to form an alliance with the Grayson Circus members, who have as many quirks as the Donovan group. Not all are who they seem and Lucy must choose who to trust before Medved kills them all.
Visit the new Burned page here.

HuntedCoverDespite their losses in the fight against Medved, Lucy and her friends have managed to keep the show – and its people – together. With looming threats of Alex, Medved’s second in command, Lucy is determined to bring the fight to him and away from her circus. Alex, however, is much more formidable than originally thought, as he works five steps ahead of everyone else. Can Lucy unravel the chaos he’s created or will she fall victim to the Chameleon’s favorite jagged knife?
Hunted, Book 3, was released on March 20, 2015. Read more about the new adventure here.

IgnitedCoverWebIn Ignited, the fourth installment of the Donovan Circus series, we find the gang isn’t doing so well after losing one of their own. It’s the worst Lucy’s ever seen, with her group scattered in the wind and her ringmaster deep in a whiskey bottle. Whispers of a mafia boss float to the grounds, a captivating yet dangerous man who wants Lucy the Firestarter on his side. When he offers her the opportunity of a lifetime, Lucy must figure out if the Donovan Circus is where she’s meant to be…and if she can finally become who she’s meant to be.
Ignited, Book 4, was released on October 29, 2015. Read more about the new story here.
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