October 23, 2015

Word Hippo

Have you heard of Word Hippo?

It's a nifty word tool for writers. 

If you are like me, you sometimes sit staring into space looking for that perfect word. Then, to keep the words flowing, you'll even put in a "save the place" word, but you know it's not the word.

Word Hippo to the rescue.

Before I found out about this site, I used a thesaurus. What makes Word Hippo better? There are so many more options. Take a look at this screenshot...

One tool I particularly like is WORD FORMS. When you click it, the drop down menu has...

Past Tense
Present Tense

Ooh, and even more fun... NAMES

Here, the drop down menus gives you...

Meaning of the Name
Origin of the Name
Names Meaning
Names Starting With
Names of Origin

When I looked up the meaning of the name Reagan (the main character in my Tala Prophecy series), it meant wise. 

So, the next time you are stuck, give this website a whirl. I'm going to keep track of the ways I use it and do a follow up post soon with examples. 

Have you ever heard of this site? Do you have other word sites you'd recommend?

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Jo Michaels said...

Okay, I need to check this one out! :) Thanks for the heads up, Tia.