October 7, 2015

Find Your Tribe : #IWSG

The Insecure Writer's Support Group (or IWSG) is a wonderful group put together by the amazing Alex J. Cavanaugh (which now has an equally cool Facebook group). 

The first Wednesday of each month is the perfect opportunity to share my insecurities on the #IWSG therapy couch, get encouragement and support about such insecurities, and to read how other writers are faring.

Wow. I almost didn't make it this month. It's 10:30pm West coast time, so I guess I technically missed posting on Wednesday in a few time zones.

My last few weeks have been crazy. One thing I've noticed when too many things are happening at once... I start to doubt myself.

My focus wanes, and I start noticing all the incredible people around me who seem to have it together and are thriving. Life piles up, and I feel less and less capable as I juggle more and more things being thrown at me.

But thank the good Lord I have some people within the writing industry I can always turn to. Whether it's my StandUp Indies Private group, my happy buddy, or one of my awesome Fractured Glass/Seven ladies, I know there are people who will love me even when I'm in the pit and are there to help pull me out of it. Who aren't there to judge or belittle. 

I am so thankful for these people, and for many of you in this awesome group who come forward with advice or a good cheer to keep moving forward.

Since we all fall into insecurity's clutches from time to time, make sure and find your tribe. They are invaluable.

When's the last time you connected to your Tribe? If it's been a while, reach out. If you don't need them, they might just need you.


TBM said...

It's so easy to look around and think that others are succeeding or not having problems, but we don't get to see behind the closed doors much. I have a feeling everyone struggles and most have doubt.

Jo Michaels said...

#TribeVibe!! :) This is so true. I have such #MadLove for you. <3

Raquel Byrnes said...

Support for your writing is SOOO important. I totally hear you. I have a writing/critique buddy that is not only my cheerleader, she's a great source for reality checks. :) Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I can absolutely sympathize with you--whenever things start to pile up, I start to shut down. It begins to feel overwhelming and I have to step back and recharge before I can face them again. I try to remember to just take it one thing at a time, but sometimes that isn't possible! Then I remind myself that if I didn't write my X number of words today, it's okay to take a day off. It really, really is! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I hear you on that. When things get crazy, it's nice to have a friend who has your back and cheer you up.

Michael Di Gesu said...

Hi, Tia,

Nice to meet you...

We ALL have our down times and I have been where you are now for MONTHS... but it's all good...we manage to get through the day, and maybe our writing suffers a bit, but when we get back to it, it will flow and work because that is the right time!