August 17, 2015

Carolina Book Fest Fun!

Good Monday morning.

I am heading back to California today after three incredible weeks of family bonding. Still, I must admit... I'm ready to not be living out of a suitcase. I haven't been home since 7/27. 

This past Saturday I attended the Carolina Book Fest. It was an amazing event. Our host LP Dover, and her amazing assistant Kim Walker, deserve a huge round of applause for a well-run, fun event. Not only did I meet new authors and readers, but I was able to visit with dear friends.

I shared a table with the lovely NL Greene, who was one of the writers on Fractured Glass. I love her!

And I got to see old friends and finally meet people I've known online forever. It's always great seeing Inger Iverson, Bethany Lopez, Michelle Hart, and Devyn Dawson, and I loved meeting Amy Miles, Nadege Richards, and Apryl Baker.

I hope to be able to make this event again next year. 

Hope everyone has an amazing Monday!

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Jo Michaels said...

Looks like it was SOOOOO much fun :) I'm sooooo jealous. LOL