March 23, 2015

Kelly Martin Videos & YA Extravaganza : Indie News & Highlights

How is it almost April already?

March is always a crazy time in my house. We are crazy basketball fans, and it's March Madness. A little back story: my husband and I met my third day of college at the University of Kentucky.

This Wednesday, my husband and I will celebrate our 20th anniversary. Yes, we even got married during March Madness.

But enough about me and March. It's time for my weekly Monday feature... Indie News & Highlights.

First up, I want to invite you to subscribe to the YouTube channel of my lovely author friend (and Happy Buddy -- look for an upcoming post on this subject), Kelly Martin. She is charming and fun-loving. There's even an Ask Kelly Anything feature.

I plan on doing more videos in the very near future, and she's been a total inspiration.

Right now, she's ramping up for a Super Secret Project on April 2. I'm so excited.

Check it out below and subscribe here.


This Friday and Saturday, March 27 & 28, Veronica Williams is hosting a YA Extravaganza. I will be hosting from 4-5pm EST on Friday, March 27

Please join me for some fun and games and insider information on my upcoming novella release, Chasing Forgiveness. Information from the event:

This is a YA ONLY event. In order to get some of the best YA Authors out there in one place to meet other YA authors and the wonderful people who love to read that genre. Also to help find books that you and your kids can enjoy, read & chat together about! 

Check it out here. We'd love to have you join us!


If you have any Indie news to share, please let me know. I hope everyone has an amazing week full of great new finds.

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Jo Michaels said...

Right? What an awesome thing Kelly's doing :) Love her!