April 14, 2014

Mothering Characters: ROW80 Update

My oldest daughter and I went away this weekend to bond. I realized things had changed in the last two years. I went from wondering when I'd ever have a moment where she didn't need me constantly to wondering where she was hiding in the house. I missed her, especially when I realized she would be heading off to college in four and a half years.

So I came up with an idea to go on a trip of interest to her. I've let her lead the weekend and given in to her interests and wants, even when I didn't particularly want to. Two examples: I got a henna tattoo--I was told the symbol means mother, and I'm hoping it really does--and fed a squid to a creepy-looking moray eel.


As a mom, I have become more careful and more carefree. I make more practical decisions and consider my kids in everything I do, but I also get to act young and embrace experiences with them. It's so much like creating characters. I have to make sure they are well-crafted with the right plot opportunities, but I also have to give myself over to them for the sake of story.

Just another reason I love being a writer (and a mother)... getting to see life through another set of eyes. What a gift.


Time for another A Round of Words in 80 Days (ROW80) update.

Waiting to get the final edits back for Chasing Shadows and still struggling with Acknowledgements. I am simply so blessed with influential people.

I took off a couple of days with my daughter, so I'll be back to marketing efforts and writing tomorrow.

Hope everyone is finding time to both be structured and to let go.


krystal jane said...

I've had some fun vacations with my mom. ^_^

Jo Michaels said...

Awwww how awesome is that? You're gonna miss her when she leaves for college for sure. But it sounds like you two have a strong relationship. My eldest left last fall for the military. I totally feel you. Well, now you have those edits back :) Let's get this thing done!


Tia Bach said...

Me, too, Krystal -- making memories, it's what it's all about. ;-)

Jo -- I miss her when she doesn't talk to me for hours, so college -- eek!