October 9, 2013

Great $0.99 Bundle & ROW80 Update

It's Wednesday, and the first ROW80 update for this round. But before I get to that, I wanted to share this great boxed set.


7--Yes! SEVEN BESTSELLING AUTHORS illuminate the dark, dangerous choices people make when everything that matters is on the line… 

7 Bestselling full-length novels all for $.99--Yes! NINETY-NINE CENTS!


CJ Lyons, MJ Rose, Melissa Foster, Russell Blake, Kathleen Shoop, Jenna Bennett, and Katia Lief give you thrilling tales, erotic confessions, spine-tingling twists, smothering fog, family secrets, and unexpected loss that all lead to DESPERATE ACTS. 



A Round of Words in 80 Days Update

* Write 1,000 words a day Monday through Thursday through October 31. Then, I plan to join NaNoWriMo. I did NaNo last year, and I found it focused me to keep writing first in my to do list. For that challenge, I need to complete 50,000 words in the month of November.

I averaged 1,000 words yesterday and today. So I'm going to amend my goal... Average 1,000 words a day Monday through Friday. Added a day, but being a bit more flexible with the average.

* I will attend #ROW80 word sprints (2:00pm EST on Twitter) at least three days a week. More if I can. This supports my writing goal.

So far, I've been there Tuesday & today, so I'm on schedule.

* Finish 25 books to meet my GoodReads reading goal of 100 books this year.

Finished one this week so far and about to finish another.

I'm going to keep the main goals simple. But if my reading and writing goals are met for each day:

* Perform my ROW80 sponsorship duties.
* Visit blogs and be social on Twitter and Facebook.
* Write reviews and share book news here and on Mom in Love with Fiction.
* Put Depression Cookies on Smashwords (it's ready, I'm behind).
* Get my author website up and running (in process).
* Editing. (3 hours so far this week)

Check out the other ROW80 authors here. Hope everyone is kicking off Round 4 with lots of checkmarks.


J.R. Pearse Nelson said...

Great progress, Tia! Hope the rest of your week is just as productive. :)

Unknown said...

Great goals! Good luck with all of them!

Jo Michaels said...

Interesting concept for getting a group of writers together...

Anywho, your goal meeting is AWESOME! Congratulations! It's amazing what we can do when we're on our game, eh?

I'm editing an old WIP. Eighteen chapters seems too much to waste. LOL! Not sure what I'm gonna do with it though. Caught between a rock and a hard place with this one...

Get me the info for the login and we'll knock that website out. :)


Fallon said...

great job so far this week! And it's always nice to see you at the #row80 sprints :)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic job.

I'm hoping to finish my Goodreads goal, too.

Happy reading and writing.