July 29, 2013

Changes Afoot: ROW80 Update

I'm about to lose Internet service for a minimum of two days. Then, I leave this Thursday to go to the Dominican Republic. I'm not so sure if I'll have Internet there, either.

I must admit... I'm equal parts terrified and excited.

Terrified because I'll be out of touch and need to pre-write a few more posts to cover the time I'm gone. But, I'm excited to take some time to recover from the last six weeks of travel and preparing for the August and September promotions for Chasing Memories.

So for the next two weeks, I have updated goals for A Round of Words in 80 Days (ROW80).

Write. Write. Write.

One of the benefits to not having Internet time is having more writing time. My laptop will be with me on vacation, and I hope to make some writing progress. I have been keeping up with my five sentences a day. But, sadly, just barely.

Market Chasing Memories

The #SizzlingSummerEvent was fun and productive, and I finished all eleven blog posts for my August/early September Tribute Books blog tour. Oh, and I had to film a video of me dancing with my book for September Indie-Credible event. Scary, I know. By the way, they are still taking authors until 7/31/13.


I am going to pre-write posts (and run a couple of old favorites) to cover the next two weeks, including my #IWSG (Insecure Writers' Support Group) post. I'll have to catch up on blog reading as I can. Speaking of that, would any of my ROW80 friends be willing to take over my sponsor responsibilities for Sunday, 8/4 and Wednesday, 8/7? It's simple... just visit my assigned posts on the Linky list for each day. Comment below if you can help out, and I'll send details. August 4th is my birthday, so consider it a birthday present. *smiles*

And my sponsor post goes live on ROW80 on August 5. I'll have to catch up on your comments when I get back.

Tomorrow, if all goes as planned, we will be moving into our new home in California. Wish us luck!


krystal jane said...

Good luck on your move and have fun on your trip! I would be scared of having no internet, too. One of the first things I do before I go anywhere is make sure I'll have internet access. Lol! (I should really be ashamed.)

Unknown said...

I too get frightened by lack of internet. My laptop and Wordpress aren't friends at the moment and it upsets me. I'm very impressed that you've managed to be so organised though.
And with a holiday to look forward to as well.
Did you find someone to do your comments for you? I was going to volunteer but realise you probably don't have your internet acces now. I hope you managed to sort it.

Jo Michaels said...

Idea: When you're at home, trying to write, disable your laptop's internet connection. Whenever you go to access the web, it'll make you have to think and turn it back on before you can. Choose to leave it off.

If you feel like you need to look something up, make a running list of all those things, mark them in your text with *****, and keep writing. Later, look it all up at once.

Helps me. Just sayin'. :)

I do hope you'll be in your house soon!! I have some awesome news for you, too. The Best Boyfriend in the World has to travel to California for work. It's pretty close to where you are. He might just let me tag along...



Tia Bach said...

Krystal - Thanks. I have two days of Internet before losing it again for a week. I'm sadly in a panic!

Deborah - I still need help, if you are still willing. I'll click on your name and send you a message.

Jo - LOVE IT! You are the guru of so many things. Can you help me teach my kids to listen? ;-)

Unknown said...

Yes, still willing. Send me a message.

Unknown said...

actually, if you want my email it's deborah(dot)e(dot)osborne(@)gmail(dot)com.

Tia Bach said...

Deborah -- Thanks again!