February 3, 2013

Writing Away January: ROW80 Update

January was a hard month. For the first time ever, I missed two ROW80 updates in a row. There didn't seem to be a point. An update suggests there is something to update, and I had nothing. Nothing but excuses and complaints, and I didn't want to keep talking about it.

Then it dawned on me, I'm a writer. I needed to do what writers do best... use my imagination. So I decided to look at myself as a character, a character who had been written into a deep hole and needed a way out. I simply need to sharpen my pencil and redefine how I want this story (that'd be my life) to go.

A reader doesn't want a whiny, rolling in self-pity character, and I sure as Hell don't want to write one. And what am I if not the writer of my own life?! (Let's look past all the things I can't control right now. When they happen, I'll just "write" around them.)

2013 is my year of self-discovery. I wish I could say I ended 2012 with some eye-opening experience that told me I should look deeper this year. No, the idea for focusing on self-discovery has come from a rough end to 2012 that continued into a rough start to 2013.

So, I'm writing away January. It's in the past. My character, ME, needs to move on... get stronger. Looking back can teach us lessons, but we look back with what we know today--looking forward is my new mantra. 

Which leads me to new A Round of Words in 80 Days (ROW80) goals...

Spend an hour a day writing/planning the Depression Cookies follow-up. No more messing around on this goal. I don't want to lose the passion I feel for the piece, and I'm starting to.

Deep edits and "filling holes" work on Chasing Memories (my NaNo project). I promised to get the Prologue and first chapter to my hopeful-editor. (She rocks! Once she's my official editor, I will share. Heck, I'll shout it from the rooftops.)

Need to finish the second edit and send it off to my client. So excited about this literary fiction novel. I can't wait to share more information about it SOON.

I'm signing up for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. My theme this year are words that inspire me (or ones I just like and why). I LOVED this challenge last year. If you want to join me, check out the rules and sign-up here. The idea: Post an alphabet-themed post according to the schedule (so you'll post 26 times in April).

For February and March, my goal is to get back to a Sunday/Monday/Wednesday/ Friday blogging schedule. To help ease back in, I may recycle some old favorites on Fridays with some new thoughts. 

Thanks for sticking with me through a rough January. And please visit some other ROW80 bloggers and see how they are doing here.


Anonymous said...

This is a great way of looking at it! I was in a writing funk for a long time last year and couldn't see any way of getting out of it - good to see you've found something that has worked for you!

Elizabeth Anne Mitchell said...

I agree that this is a wonderful way to look at life. I've been in the same funk, so now I'm off to sharpen my pencils!

Anonymous said...

Great perspective you've shared. I'm on a self-imposed 90-day hiatus (through March) so haven't yet prepared my goals and joined ROW 80, but it seems a helpful thing to engage in. Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone in my funk.

Beth Camp said...

Neat post, Tia. I did the A-Z Challenge last year and dove into the research for my current wip. It was fun and very helpful. So I'm going to join you. Butwhat I liked best about your post is your courage in confronting that new character, ME. May your writing bring you insights and joy. Beth

Kathy Waller said...

Interesting idea, changing your own role. I like it!

alberta ross said...

good way of getting around a fix:) will be on A-Z also such a blast of andrelin = I'm doing books which have excited, inspired etc through 60+ years of reading - like you r words - will look foward to reading them - all the best with book, nano and all:)

alberta ross said...

Also I am reading ebooks and indies and new authors for reading challenges this year -so am looking to read my friends books ) - one of each to begin with! Is your Depression Cookies in ebook format anywhere - I am looking around for Feb books now:)

Julie Glover said...

Yep, hang in there! It can be tempting to kick yourself when you don't make the progress you intended. But you know where you need to go, what you need to do, and the time to start going is now. Forge ahead. I'm cheering you on, Tia!

Anonymous said...

I love your outlook on 2013 and am right there behind you, at least have been for the last few years (on going journey of mine!)

It's also nice to see that I am only human and there is a world filled with "humans" out there!