February 13, 2013

Life Has a Funny Way: ROW80 Update

Life has a funny way of getting me back on track.

My way of saying Happy Valentine's
Day tomorrow!
Since I was a teenager, nothing motivated me like a looming due date. Often I did my best work under pressure. Two weeks to deadline was never as motivating as twenty-four hours. 

The hardest thing about writing/ editing is the "artificial" deadlines, especially with my own work. I would do better with a traditional publisher from the pure aspect of having someone breathing down my neck with a deadline. It's sad, but it's true.

I set deadlines, but they are in my head. Too easily, I let other things with actual deadlines take precedence.

So Life handed me a real deadline.

I'm holding off on making an official announcement of a big change in my life (and let me just go on record to say: no more kids). This big change forces my hand. I really need to have my NaNo book, Chasing Memories, done and ready to be published before this event takes place. That gives me four months. FOUR months!

I also need to finish the Depression Cookies follow-up in the same time. Maybe this is just what I needed to overcome a couple of months of funk. Here we go...

Do you work better with time or under pressure?

And now, my Round of Words in 80 Days (ROW80) Update

My goal: Spend an hour a day writing/planning the Depression Cookies follow-up.
My progress: One chapter down, one more to write (by Friday) and then off to Mom for her response.

My goal: Deep edits and "filling holes" work on Chasing Memories (my NaNo project).

My progress: Prologue & Chapter One will be sent to the hopeful-editor on Friday. 

My goal: Post here on Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Now adding: start writing some A to Z posts so April is not so overwhelming.

My progress: Monday and Wednesday done. Hoping to write Friday's post tomorrow and two A to Z posts by Friday as well.

My goal: Read two books per week. Now adding: Finish Beautiful Creatures by Friday. I have a date with my oldest daughter to go see it, and I promised her I'd read the book first (since she loved it). 
My progress: So far this week, I finished three books and three reviews for Mom in Love with Fiction.

And thanks to inspiration from my ROW80-friend, Julie Glover... my newest goal: keep the weekends for family (except for a small 8am-noon window on Saturday for catching up).


Julie Glover said...

I probably do better with imposed deadlines, but ones that give me ample breathing room. I need a little give in my calendar for those times when kids get sick, something in the house breaks, life happens, you know. It has helped me to have classes and conferences that force me to finish a project in time to participate.

Enjoy your R&R. I pray that you'll feel rejuvenated by it!

Annette Gendler said...

Wow, your goal list makes my head spin! I'm in awe, especially of your reading capacity. I simply cannot finish a book that quickly.

Jo Michaels said...

Always awesome to leave weekends for family. I do it. :)

I work better under pressure. Some of my most awesome work has been done under the pressure of a deadline. I've been re-writing something I intended to release last year and then didn't... Long story. Anyway, I feel ya! Four months? We can do it in less ;)

Many hugs! WRITE ON!

Callie Leuck said...

I still have this problem. It's like I NEED a looming deadline in order to function at full capacity.

Elise Fallson said...

Great goals Tia, I have no doubt you'll be able to get through them. I've also started working on my a-z posts. I don't want to write them on the fly like I did last year. I have a feeling it's going to be a great
a-z year, can't wait to start the challenge! (:

alberta ross said...

need deadlines myself - quite happy with self imposed (friends dont understand the - say I can change them/dont fret but no point to deadline if I keep changing them:) - looking foward to A-Z have started reading for it getting excited love that challenge:)

all the best for your goals:)

Unknown said...

I definitely work better under pressure. Now that I have lots more time to write, I'm struggling to meet my (self-imposed) word count each day!

Pam Baddeley said...

Good luck with your goals and achieving them before the BLE.

Tia Bach said...

What would I do without you guys!

Julie - Thanks for the R&R encouragement.

Annette - I love to read, and I'm blessed to be a fast reader.

Jo - I wish I could be as motivated when I have the time, instead of when I'm stressed and up against a deadline. But teaching an old dog new tricks...

Callie - Amen!

Elise - A to Z rocks. Looking forward to seeing what everyone focuses on this year. More bugs? ;-)

Alberta - I need to take my self-imposed ones more seriously. I know I can get away with things with me! *he he*

Rachel - Word count goals are a great example. If someone else challenge me, no problem. But self-imposed, um...