June 22, 2012

Summertime: Fun Facts Friday

Since yesterday was the first official day of summer, it seemed appropriate to find some interesting facts on summertime for my Fun Facts Friday.

(Plus, I'm encouraging my kids to do research projects this summer on interesting topics. Gotta keep those brains stimulated! Summer seemed an easy pick.)

Summer is my favorite time of year. Time to enjoy my kids (most days!), soak in some sun, visit friends and family, appreciate slower schedules, and take time to smell the roses.

How the summer months got their names: June is named after the Roman goddess Juno, wife of Jupiter; Marc Antony named July after Julius Caesar; and August is named after Caesar's nephew, Augustus. So Rome can be thanked for influencing our summer months.

I grew up throwing a Frisbee with my dad, especially in the summertime. Fun fact: they were originally designed as pie plates in the 1870s. Students started throwing them in the 1940s.

I found this fact online, and thought it was a juicy detail for authors who love to write stories from back in the day: in ancient times, most people swam in the nude; laws about decent swimming attire were created progressively from the 17th century onwards.

I've always heard of the "dog days of summer" and wondered where the title originated. The hot, sticky days get their name from the rising of the Sirius, the Dog Star. The Sirius rises around the hottest time of the year. (Source: Bright Hub Education)

All day today I complained about our 100 degree heat. It left me wondering about the hottest day ever recorded... on September 13, 1922, the temperature in the shade in the Libyan Desert reached 136 degrees Fahrenheit (hot enough to fry an egg on a rock). (Source also Bright Hub)

What's your favorite part of summer?


Callie Leuck said...

I actually knew that about frisbees! I knew something!!

Winnie said...

Thanks for the fun facts! I had fun reading them and learning stuff. I don't care for the HEAT at all..So summer is my least favorite season. But I do love two things....Watermelon and Corn on the Cob. I wait for those things all year long. I wait for Oct. and I perk up. The subway platforms in 100 degree weather are the worst..ugh.

bookworm said...

Sweet corn. Siting in the backyard, on a mild afternoon, listening to birds sing. Flowers. Garden fresh tomato sandwiches with mayo on a good bread. (I do HATE humidity and heat, though I repeat to myself: at least there's no ice on the ground, there's no snow on the ground...")

beth kozan said...

I've wondered about your blog title. Why "Depression Cookies"?

Beth Kozan

Jo Michaels said...

Great facts! My favorite part of summer is swimming in the pool. Can't be beat! WRITE ON!

Tia Bach said...

Callie, I love it when I know strange tidbits of information!

Winnie, I prefer Fall and Spring, too hot and too cold and I'm cranky. ;-)

Alana, I love corn, too. The sweeter the better.

Beth, The coming of age novel I wrote with my mom is titled Depression Cookies. It was a cookie handed down from my great-grandmother that I always ate as a kid (from the depression when supplies were limited and a "cookie" was a saltine with a melted marshmallow and peanut butter). The idea of bonding around food is a theme in our novel.

Jo, I love water. So relaxing and therapeutic.