June 21, 2012

It's All About the Writing: ROW80 Round 2 Wrap-up

I struggled in Round 2. Life took a swing, and my battle to get back on my feet was draining. I am looking forward to Round 3, because I need to prioritize my writing life. To do so, I have to focus on my editing jobs and writing my two novels. Other things will have to take a back seat. And above all these... I am a wife and mother.  

In all honesty, without the wonderful writers (and family) in my life I would have given up this round. But whenever life attacked or I doubted myself, the writing and blogging communities, particularly A Round of Words in 80 Days (ROW80), brought me back.

Thanks to the wonderful people who commented on my post about insecurity, My Monster Rises, I'm facing down my monster and opening my heart to my muse.

♫♫♫♫ I get by with a little help from my friends ♫♫♫♫

Some of the lovely and inspiring comments...

Melissa Maygrove said... Isn't THAT the truth! No matter what, don't let the monster win. ;) Are you part of Alex's Insecure Writer's Support Group? (They post the first Wed. of every month. And I'm still making my way down his list.)

Somewhere, at some time, I had heard about Alex's group. I need to check it out for those low moments.

Elizabeth Anne Mitchell said... Right now I'm doing a 15-day "workshop" with Jeff Goins which is aimed at making one believe in oneself--and boy do I need that! The closet was so much more comfortable, but I need to get out there, no matter how scary it is :) Shall we all hold hands and jump together?

So bummed I missed joining this workshop. But I'll be checking out Jeff's book.
Annette Gendler said... I'd say it's part of the writing life! That twinge of jealousy creeps up on me as well when I hear of a friend signing with an agent, or finally publishing that book. But then again, I think that jealousy helps us figure out our priorities. If we feel that jealousy, clearly this is something we want. Insecurity, I think, behooves every artist. Otherwise, we wouldn't work continuously to improve our craft.
Lisa Cherry said... Use the monster as a friend rather than a destructive enemy. As a monster, its damaging your confidence and self esteem and self belief, as a friend, it's asking you to just check that you are on course and that you must demand that you give your best of yourself (which it very much sounds like you do). Re frame the monster! There are many different routes to the mountain and many different mountains.

Sonja Haller said... I agree with Annette, the highs and lows and jealousies are part of the writing life. And I sure relate to this: "I'm left wondering, who the hell do I think I am?" My guess is that so many other writers believe that to. You're inspiring just because you continue to write on!
Rebecca J Fleming said... I think all writers suffer a bit of envy at some point, but it just motivates us to make our own writing better. Good work on the progress, every bit counts :)
Eloise said... I know this feeling even though I just started. Send story into contest and poof, nothing. Mine must end up on the editor's floor/recycle bin. It's even more mystifying to read the winning story and wonder what about it was special. I know that sounds like sour grapes, but I don't mean it that way.

Kim Switzer said... Hug your monster and bring her some tea. She's just trying to protect you. But then, after you give her some tea, send her to a movie or something. Talk back. Tell her "thank you, but I don't need to hear from you right now." (You don't necessarily have to be so polite, of course.) It's not what the monster says to us that's the problem, it's what we do with those words. Talk back to them, refute them, see them as the smokescreen they are, the thing keeping you from your writing love. You *are* a writer. So tell the monster to hush up and leave you to your words!

Thank you! Sure, the insecurity monster will rise again, but knowing I'm one post away from support and encouragement is all I need.

I hope these words will inspire others to keep moving forward, no matter what.

One more piece of encouragement before I go. I recently read and reviewed Michael J. Fox's book, Always Looking Up. In the following passage, Fox is talking about Parkinson's, but it can apply to so many things:

I feared it most when I least understood it… Respecting it, however, doesn’t mean tolerating it. And you can only vanquish an enemy you respect, have fully sized up, and weighed by every possible measure.

My journey, with all its bumps, has taught me so much. I'm ready to vanquish the enemy of insecurity and fear and focus on what I know I love... writing. Sometimes building my author platform has gotten in the way of writing my next book. Round 3 will be about finding the right balance with a focus on writing novels.

Thanks again to those who take the time to encourage others.


Elizabeth Anne Mitchell said...

Tia, you've given me at least as much encouragement as I've ever given you. We all feel the insecurity, because there is always someone who has done better or more than we have.
By the by, the 15 day challenge isn't over, and you can jump in anytime. I'd be happy to catch you up on it now or whenever you want. :)
A final thought: some of us are envious of your talent and success, I blush to admit, in my own monster moments.

Eden Mabee said...

May I please leave an echo of Elizabeth's comments here, as well as an even bigger blush, because...you actually were one of the first "never met me in person" voices to inspire me here. Certainly in the first round this year, it was your coming to visit my blog a few times that made me feel I had something to share. You and a few fellow ROWers...

I cannot thank you enough for it. But Thank you even so.

Jo Michaels said...

I'm glad you're squishing the crap out of that monster! Be proud! Go forward! Be what you never thought you could be but have become: A WRITER. You are a writer! Exciting words, huh? :)


Julie Glover said...

I love knowing that when I'm feeling down and frustrated, my writer friends will encourage or even prod me as needed! I am also looking forward to Round 3 -- in which my goals will be fewer and more focused. Life kept banging against my good intentions, and I need to prioritize as well.

See you soon in Round 3!

Kat said...

Some rounds are tougher than others, and real life can be, well even tougher. But you've made it through and now are still going on to the next round. In my eyes, you've accomplished something by doing just that and not giving up! Everyone I've 'met' via ROW80 has been such an inspiration for me to keep going forward with my dreams, you included. Because I see all of you doing the same thing-chasing your dreams, working on your goals, even when life throws a curve ball (or a few!). See you in Round 3 :)

Tia Bach said...

Elizabeth, You are so sweet and such a dear support. I bought his book, and will blog some of the same steps. Just couldn't get my head above water enough to do it this month.

Eden, Thank you. The hardest part about getting behind was falling behind on the blogs I love to read. Sometimes giving support feels even better than getting it!

Jo, Yes! And I'm so glad the Author Blog Challenge brought you to my site and me to yours.

Julie, You have blessed my heart at the perfect times. Thank you. Thank you.

Kat, ROW80 inspiration and encouragement can't be beat!!