April 7, 2011

Why a Daughter Needs a Mom

My husband gave me a copy of Why a Daughter Needs a Mom: 100 Reasons by Gregory E. Lang for Christmas. I put it where all good reading material goes (especially the quick reading kind that I want to re-read daily): in the bathroom. The more I took in the quick 100, the more I realized how much our novel touches on each one of these. My plan, on and off to amuse our blog readers, is to go through each of the 100 reasons and detail how Depression Cookies (and writing a book with your mom) covers the topics.


A daughter needs a mom to provide her

with memories that will last forever.

My mother clearly passed down many memories; our novel is built around sharing and attempting to capture a mother-daughter relationship through all its ups and downs. But by writing the novel together and publishing it, we passed down "memories" to my children and my children's children as well. Even though it's fiction, so many of the feelings and love presented in the book bound our real family together.

With Mother's Day fast approaching, we hope you'll take some time to enjoy these mother-daughter blog posts! If you haven't called your mother or daughter in awhile, take a moment to do so.

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