April 28, 2011

Take Your Child to Work Day = I finally have an Assistant!

My daughter, Jackie, is spending the day with me as part of Take Your Child to Work Day. What a wonderful experience. Not only did she help me plan the 31 days of blogging we have coming up, she is now helping me do research for the YA novel I'm working on. Pretty cool to have a YA on "staff" while you are working on a YA novel!

Jackie constantly has a book in her hands. The love of reading is a gift I passed onto my kids after receiving it from my own mom and grandmother. Other than the two siblings I gave Jackie, this will be one of my greatest gifts to her.

But, while I have her here, I wanted to get her perspective on what we've done so far today, so . . .

Mom/Tia: What do you think would be the hardest part about being a writer?

Jackie: Having to think of so many ideas and put them down on paper.

Mom/Tia: Who is your favorite author? Other than your mother, of course.

Jackie: Erin Hunter (author of the Warriors and Seekers series), because I've read almost all her books.

Mom/Tia: Before today, what did you think your mom did all day? (Note to self: this is like asking your husband if you look fat in an outfit. I'm holding my breath awaiting a response I know will probably go poorly)

Jackie: Cleaned the house and edited stuff. I figured you edited because you always edit my papers so much. Can I ask you a question?

Mom/Tia: Sure (gulp)

Jackie: What's the hardest part about being a writer?

Mom/Tia: Focusing on writing and not all the business aspects of writing such as keeping up FB, Twitter, the blog, the website, etc. I need to set a goal, even if it's 500 words a day, and stick to it.

If you are with your son or daughter today at work, enjoy it. And, if you get a minute, ask them some questions!

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