April 18, 2011

Why a Daughter Needs a Mom: Reason Two

Gregory Lang's Why a Daughter Needs a Mom: 100 Reasons is a beautiful ode to the special bond between mothers and daughters. I hope my daughters and I stay close through the years just as I have stayed close with my mother and sisters. Our novel is also dedicated to this special bond.

Reason Two:

A daughter needs a mom
who is never more than a phone call away

I have many blessings, but I have never been blessed enough to live just down the street from my mom or any of my sisters. Since moving to Maryland, I'm finally six hours away, the closest I've ever been. Especially since having kids, daily phone calls with my mom and sisters have become a ritual. Most of the time I was calling with tears or fears! Parenting is so hard.

In Depression Cookies, Krista is having a particularly hard day at middle school and desperately needs her mom . . .

“Hi, Nurse Perry, I just threw up and I’m not feeling well. I need to call my mom,” I said. Mom would save me, and I needed saving right now. I could not face another minute of this insanity.

The nurse called her, and I heard some whispering before she came over and told me I could wait in the office. She then put her hand on my shoulder and told me everything was going to be okay.

I am not sure how long I sat there, but I was glad to be protected by the glass walls of the principal’s office. When Mom walked in, I ran into her arms before saying, “Thank God you’re here.”

Seated safely in the car, Mom tried to get me to talk, but I didn’t know where to begin. More than that, I was terrified about how it all was going to end.

Krista needed her mom and thankfully she was simply a phone call away. What a gift!


My mom is always a simple phone call away as I am for my girls. What's the craziest thing you called your mother about?

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