April 24, 2015

Making the Lists : The Writing Life

Happy Friday!

I'm having tons of fun with the release of Chasing Forgiveness, and I've re-committed to finishing Chasing Destiny, Tala Prophecy Book 3. I've actually written 7,500 words in the last three days. I need to keep up this pace to finish the rough draft by my deadline.

Just yesterday, I sent an image to my awesome book cover designer for inspiration. I couldn't help myself. This story is pouring out of me. Note to my betas: How's May looking for some reading? 

So, I'm keeping this post short and sweet... gotta save my words for the novel.

But before I go, I wanted to share some great news from release day...

I actually hit as high as #33 in the top category, but I missed grabbing a screen shot. So far, each book has done better than the previous one on release day. I count that as a success.

Wishing everyone an amazing weekend.

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Jo Michaels said...

You so rock. As do your books. I just love you so dang much. You're like my twin. Not sure yet which of us the the evil one, but we'll work it out. LOL!