August 27, 2014

Just Because: ROW80

Seriously, I want to be on this elusive committee of masterminds who come up with special calendar days. Yesterday, for instance, was National Dog Day. I missed it, but here's a picture of my pups as a belated celebration.

For even more fun, today is Just Because Day. And just because I shared a picture of my dumans--my aunt calls her pups dumans since they are part dog and part human to her--it only makes sense to share a picture of my girls from the first day of school.

Did you have a Just Because moment today? If so, you were celebrating without knowing it.

Wednesdays are also my check in days for A Round of Words in 80 Days (ROW80). I have been a non-social author these days, and I'm sorry. I did catch up on my sponsor posts, but that's about it. I miss everyone, and I will be reconnecting. Summer kicked my butt and left me with a to-do list a mile (maybe two) long.

That being said, I did finish a huge edit. 

Oh, and some blog news... on Monday, September 1, I'll be announcing an interview lineup of lovely ladies I met at this year's UtopYA conference. I can't wait to share these amazing bloggers and authors with all of you. So far, and I have a few more to ask, I have eleven signed up and ready to go. Eep! 


Jo Michaels said...

CUTEST humans and dumans EVER. :)

I want to be on that committee, too! Let's make: Love a Flower Day, Hug Your Butterfly Day, and Why Not Ride a Unicorn? Day. hehe

Loved this post.


John Holton said...

The pictures o both the dumans and the humans are great. And it sounds like you got something accomplished anyway. Hang in there...

Shan Jeniah Burton said...

I've found that when I'm writing intensely, that and the humans I live with provide more social interaction than I need (I have a very low conflict threshold, and, of course, my characters' lives are LOADED with it....). I tend to "go missing" from real-life and online social interaction when I'm deep in doesn't seem to be quite the same for revisions.

I hope you're making progress on that list. And ELEVEN guest posters - most impressive!

Those dumans and humans look like they are leading pretty durned happy lives! No first day of school pictures, for us, but I have received permission to document bits of the kids lives on Wednesday, which would be their first day, if they attended. I've always thought that would be especially hard for my son, who will be 13 on Tuesday...he'd have to start school the very next day, this year.

I'm glad he doesn't.

I like Jo's ideas for days. I've always thought there should be a Children's Day; and maybe we could use one Look at the Clouds Day every month. Get in Touch With Old Friends Day? Stop and Smell the Roses Day? Just Breathe Day? (there's a theme here....).