July 13, 2014

I Need A WriteBit Pronto -- ROW80 Update

Do you have a Fitbit?

I do, and it has made me super-OCD about exercise. It is extremely rare for me not to hit my 10K step goal daily. I might even be the person who jogs in her bedroom or up and down the hallway to get the last few steps. Or maybe not, depending on if you think that's borderline crazy.

Seriously, even though I've always exercised, this tool has greatly increased my focus on moving. I thought exercising 3-4 times a week was cutting it, until I saw how hard it was to get 10k steps on a non-workout day.*

Things like this motivate me, because it's in your face. On that note, I would like someone to invent a WriteBit--a device that would measure the speed of my wrist movement and catalog the number of words I write per day and shoot it to all my friends. 

Sadly, that's what it might take these days to get my butt in the chair to write. I came back from UtopYA determined, but the massive amount of catch-up from being gone almost three weeks and having my kids home for summer have given me the excuses I need to not prioritize writing. UGH!

So, I'm considering the next best thing. I want to use one of those sidebar writing trackers to show my progress on my various writing projects. Can anyone suggest an easy-to-use one? I need accountability.

Or, maybe I should invent that WriteBit with an electric shock feature. When I don't write in any 24-hour period, I would get a few electric shocks until I hit 1,000. 

Since Sundays are for A Round of Words in 80 Days (ROW80) updates, I'm happy to report I have been meeting my goals on blogging, editing, and productivity. In the last few days, I've plotted an anthology, written three guest posts, organized some guest posts for my blog, and paid the bills (heck, it's important!).

Now to get to writing!

* Note: some Fitbits have been recalled for skin issues. I have not had this problem. I'm not endorsing the product. As with anything, you should do your own research to see if a product is right for you. But, if I ever make a WriteBit, I'll totally sell you one. *smiles*


Anonymous said...

Tia, I've tried more wordcount meters than you can count, and I've not been able to get a single one to work. Please share if someone tells you about one!

Elizabeth Anne Mitchell

Shan Jeniah Burton said...

The ones I know of require me to change the word count manually - and, well, I kinda suck at that, since I am not remotely OCD!

It sounds like you HAVE been writing. But, those girls will only be home for a few weeks, and maybe they're just your priority right now (NOTHING wrong with that!).

You made me laugh with the post, and the disclaimer at the end. Good on ya! =)

Jo Michaels said...

Hmmmmmm let me see... There's WriteTrack, Write or Die (I hear this one uses some pretty interesting tactics to keep you focused on writing), and WriteChain. Not sure how many install on your actual computer (I know Write or Die does), but I'd search them all and see which one you think you can live with :)