July 4, 2014

A Ghost & A Signing

June was a blur. A wonderful, glorious blur.

With three kids, the end of school is the mom's version of a horror tale. Around every corner is a sinister shadow (last minute projects, grades teetering on the edge). Funny how I find school so much more stressful as a parent than I ever did as a child.

School ended on a Thursday (and included a slew of activities for my daughter who promoted to high school -- eek!), and I left for UtopYA the following Wednesday. Since my husband's family is in Nashville, I brought my three kids along for the ride. From there, we continued on to North Carolina to see my family.

Last year, I met the amazing Devyn Dawson while attending a writer's conference near my parent's home. She was quick to share all her indie knowledge with me, and she hooked me up with several writing communities. This led me to signing up for UtopYA. To say I'm grateful to have her in my life is an understatement. 

I was thrilled to find out I'd see her in Nashville. While there, where I got to also meet her super-cool daughter (an editor and cover model), she asked if I wanted to do a book signing with her in New Bern, North Carolina while I was home. Um, yes!

Not only did I get to pick Devyn's brain, a veritable plethora of information, for two and a half hours, but I also met her sweet Light Tamer cover model and some of her readers. Heck, I even sold some books on a very rainy evening.

Toward the end, a couple walked in. The husband asked if I'd seen a ghost. He then mentioned that the building was on the New Bern ghost tour. I found the following information on the website:

It is said that Miss Fanny was the youngest daughter of Isaac Taylor. She was due to be married, but a week before her wedding, her fiancĂ© went for a walk, collapsed in the street and died. Miss Fanny was heartbroken and vowed to never leave her house again. It is said if you walk by the house, you can see her sitting in the first level front window, waiting for her fiancĂ© to come home.

What a great story that would make. Hmmmm.

Do you believe in ghosts?

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Devyn said...

I'm the one who got lucky when I met you and your family. I can't begin to tell you how comfortable I am around you. I told you I was going to adopt your mom! Thank you!