February 28, 2014

Friday Fun: Cover Love

Maybe because I'm excited to decide on a book cover for Chasing Shadows, but I've fallen in love with a few book covers this week.

First, the lovely Casey L. Bond debuted her Pariah cover this week.

Beautiful girl, spooky background. Intriguing. And I love the pop of color in her dress.

About Pariah
(from GoodReads)

What are the things that you need most in life—the things you crave?

Solara longs for freedom. Having been raised under the Kingdom’s lock and key since the age of two, she wants to see the world. Upon turning seventeen and receiving no mark from the Lord, she believes freedom is finally within her grasp. Unfortunately, she is wrong. The Kingdom has been fooled. She is marked by an angel of light and one of the fallen dark ones. Solara is God’s chosen, and with her birth, the new covenant made with mankind is made manifest.

Solara also longs for love, strong enough to last a lifetime, and beyond. Riven loves her. But is one of the fallen prophesied to betray the chosen. Can she trust him? Love him? Prophesy states that she is the key. The fate of humanity rests with her decision. She alone will determine whether the doors of Heaven or the gates of Hell open upon the Earth.

But how can a normal girl, who has been raised with no knowledge of either side, make such a decision? And how can she turn away from finally tasting those things she has craved for so long.

Expected Publication: 5/13/14

Next up... Krystal Wade, who is so dear to often stop by to show me some blog love, debuted some new covers this week (featured yesterday on my Mom in Love with Fiction here) for her Darkness Falls trilogy. My favorite, although I loved them all: 

I love everything from the forest in the background to the fire and eerie red glow behind the woman. 

About Wilde's Meadow (Darkness Falls #3)

Happy endings are hard to find, and even though Katriona is in the middle of a war with someone who’s already stolen more than she can replace, she aches for a positive future with her DraĆ­ochtans.

Armed with hope, confidence in her abilities, and a strange new gift from her mother, Kate ventures into the Darkness to defeat a fallen god.

Losses add up, and new obstacles rise to stand in the way.

Is the one determined to bring Encardia light strong enough to keep fighting, or will all the sacrifices to stop those who seek domination be for nothing?

Finally... I've gushed about the always-giving Bethany Lopez many times on this blog before, so she almost needs no introduction. Last Friday, she debuted her cover for 8 Weeks (I featured it here).

Love the eight of the title and the flower being presented. Both faces portray a serious edge to sweetness. 

About 8 Weeks

Is eight weeks enough time to earn back the love of someone you've betrayed...the only one you've ever loved?

Shelly has been in love with Cal since they started dating in eleventh grade. Despite everyone saying that the odds were against them, they got married after graduation and built a life together. Now, six years later, she is faced with the ultimate betrayal. Devastated, her first instinct is to call it quits…

After a drunken binge at his best friends’ bachelor party, Cal betrays the one person who has always been there for him, his wife, Shelly. Terrified and realizing she might divorce him, Cal must come up with a way to prove to her that his love is true…

Cal asks Shelly for eight weeks. Eight weeks to convince her that their marriage is worth the fight. Will Shelly be able to trust him again, or will their marriage end the way many others do when faced with opposition… In divorce?

Expected Publication: 3/24/14


What speaks to you about covers? For me, it needs to invoke a burning curiosity in me. 

Hope you enjoyed the covers today. I can't wait to share my cover very soon! Wishing everyone a fabulous Friday.


Jo Michaels said...

I loved the cover for Pariah!! Soooo striking!!

That second one for Wilde's Meadow is pretty, too.

I think today's e-mail call will make you very happy if you're excited to choose your cover for Chasing Shadows :)


Tia Bach said...

My email today made me SOOOO happy, JO!!