February 13, 2014

A Bad Bubba: ROW80

I've been in my editing cave for days.

What began as a small plot hole developed into a bigger one. Fixing it required my Muse who in turn had strong feelings about how to further improve the story.

It was like that string on a shirt that you pull. Sometimes it comes right off. Other times, you pull and half the shirt unravels.

Chasing Shadows is back with the amazing Jo Michaels. Although the editing process is draining, it's what keeps us all from having rough drafts forever lingering on our computers.

As my youngest always says, I've been a bad bubba. I missed my Sunday A Round of Words in 80 Days (ROW80) update (and technically Wednesday since this is late) thanks to editing. 

As a reward for getting closer to publication, I'm playing around with cover images. Yeah, the fun stuff. 

Next up: a blurb. Not so fun!

What do you think is the most important part of a successful blurb? Any help is greatly appreciated.


Shan Jeniah Burton said...


I don't know why missing an update or two because you're editing makes you a bad Bubba - but you made me smile, so I say you're a very GOOD Bubba! =)

I know that editing feeling. I'm making pre-editing notes on one WIP, working through my pre-editing background work for another, and rereading a third.

All of them were completely pantsed - and I think my head may explode for all the ideas I'm filling with.

And the dreams....oh, my!

I can't really offer you any help with the blurb, since I haven't yet gotten to that point, but I wish you the best of luck as you get ready for the task.

Have a lovely week, Bubba! =)

Jo Michaels said...

I think I'm starting to get a complex :) You keep calling me amazing. *blushes*

We're getting there! I'm having a lot of fun with this one. WOW is all I have to say about some of the changes I've come across.

Loving it! WRITE ON!