November 20, 2013

Negotiating the Last Few Words: ROW80 & NaNo Updates

Must. Write. Must. Write.

It's been my mantra all month, and I'm determined it will stay my mantra into 2014. As of last night, I was sitting at 40,024 words. My goal is to finish by the weekend, since my parents are coming to town for Thanksgiving (their first time to see my new CA home).

I haven't decided how I want this book to end, so I'm struggling to punch it out. Plus, my characters have been really pushy about where they want this story to go. It's exciting, but I know I'll have to fix some issues they've created in editing.

Now, I just need to find the words necessary to finish!

Which made me think of the cartoon I published around this time last year.

Used with permission from Debbie Ridpath Ohi at
I only need 10,000 words. Wonder what it would cost me? *smiles*

How are your November goals coming along? If you are doing NaNo, please share about your progress.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Hump Day!


krystal jane said...

Awesome! I hope you make it!

I crossed 50k this week, but I still want to be done with the story by the end of the month. Unfortunately, I've run into a bit of writer's fatigue. Good news, I get my badge, bad news, I'm not dragging my feet through every scene and even reading and commenting on this while I'm in the middle of a scene. Lol! *sigh*

Martha Reynolds said...

I love that you don't know your ending, yet, Tia! And I have every confidence in you.

Jo Michaels said...

WOOHOO! Congrats on hitting 40k! I knew you could do it! *happy dance*

I can't wait to read it >.<


bookworm said...

Congrats, Tia. I'm at 34,111. My total production today: zero. Right now I'm being totally distracted by the live streaming of CBS's 1963 Kennedy Assassination coverage. I even took part of the day off from work so I could listen. This was a one in a time opportunity. Now I am really going to have to hustle to finish on time. Aaargh.