November 25, 2013

Going With the Plan or the Muse? -- ROW80 & NaNo Updates

I've been a bad blogger this month. For the past two Fridays, I've neglected to post. But it's for a good reason... I'm writing. NaNoWriMo is winding down, and I'm determined to finish my manuscript before my parents arrive for Thanksgiving.

As of last night late, I was at 46,633 words.

My plan is to finish today or tomorrow morning and set it aside for a few weeks. Then, I'll edit once and send it off to my beta readers before it finally lands in the hands of my amazing editor, Jo Michaels at Indie Books Gone Wild. While my betas and then Jo have it, I'm going to write book three.

Then, I plan to finish book two of Depression Cookies (already have 45K).

So of course a funny thing happened to me this weekend. An exciting idea for a new Young Adult book, one I believe will be a stand alone, came to me. I'm so jazzed about it, but I have plans. What's a writer to do?

Should I be practical and stick to the plan (taking detailed notes on this shiny new idea) or should I write the new one first?

Not a bad dilemma to have, especially since I really wondered after Depression Cookies if I was a one-and-out author.

Monday is also my A Round of Words in 80 Days (ROW80) update day, but my only goal for November is NaNo and keeping up with my sponsor posts. I was caught up before Sunday's updates, so I will plan to catch up again today.

I hope everyone is knocking out words, whether as part of NaNo or not. Happy writing.

And check out Mom in Love with Fiction today for some information on Ripley Patton's PSS Chronicles and a top ten movie list. 

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Jo Michaels said...

I say write what you WANT to write. Because, when you feel it, it'll come out better. Even if you only get a few chapters out, you'll have something to work from when you go back. I have so many partials it's crazy. LOL! If I published everything I have a piece of tomorrow, I'd have around 15 books out. Nutso, right? But I always have something to write on when the mood strikes.

That's the key.

So I say, if you're feeling it, just do it. Above all else, WRITE ON! :)

gypsyharper said...

That's a hard one. I was attacked by a shiny new idea 4 days into NaNoWriMo and went with it. It was absolutely the right decision for me, but I also didn't really have much of a plan in place for anything else - I was just kind of floundering about with some story sparks that weren't really ready.

Good luck with whatever you choose to do!