October 11, 2013

So Much Good TV, So Little Time

This Fall TV season is going to be the death of me. So many great shows and old favorites and so little time. I'm sure some of the new shows will fall off my radar after a bit, because I simply can't keep up with them all.

But, for now, I'm overloading myself. And I'm enjoying it!

Some thoughts...

New Shows

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I've been entertained so far, but I'm jonesing for some more superheroes. I get that our favorites can't be on there week after week (although I'm salivating for some Thor, Ironman, Captain America, and on and on), but give me some new superheroes. I'm liking this agent/double agent thing going on with the hot guy (can't remember his name) and Skye.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Hooked already. Love that they are mixing Aladdin, one of my favorite Disney movies, elements with Alice in Wonderland themes. So excited to see where they go with it. Plus it helps that Cyrus/the Genie is hot!

Sleepy Hollow

So intense and exciting. I wasn't sure what to expect from this one, but I like that it's not campy and it's going for some frights. Plus, I'm looking forward to the dynamic of the sisters and more backstory about Lt. Abbie Mills' Sheriff guardian.

Witches of East End

I was really looking forward to a good witch series this season, but I'm not sure this is it. The concept is interesting, but I found the acting less than stellar. How can that be with stars like Julia Ormond and Virginia Madsen? A bit disappointed. But I'm not giving up yet. Hoping it gets better.

The Originals

I was devastated with what happened to Elijah. Klaus without a conscience is not what I want. When he was in love with Caroline on Vampire Diaries, I was much more intrigued with his character. If Klaus is all bad, I'm all out. Bring back Elijah to add heart. The picture I've included gives me hope that... 1) Caroline will still be involved and 2) Klaus will still be interesting.

The Blacklist

I tuned in solely for James Spader (yes, I'm a child of the 80s), but I'm staying because of some great episodes. That and wanting to find out more about Elizabeth Keen's connection to Raymond "Red" Reddington and the story behind her husband. There's a real Silence of the Lambs feel to the show--a pretty high compliment.

New to Me


I've missed previous seasons, but my superhero-obsessed daughter asked me to watch the first episode of this season. I know a bit about Green Arrow, so I wasn't completely lost. Still, I was left scratching my head quite a bit. I barely have time to keep up with what I'm currently watching, so I doubt I'll have time to go back to old seasons. So, I hope I get in a groove soon on this one.

Old Favorites

Once Upon a Time

This is one of those rare shows that we all sit down and watch as a family. I'm so excited about an Emma and Captain Hook romance, so I hope I'm not disappointed.

Vampire Diaries

So much was squeezed into one hour. Crazy! But I'm not loving Elena as a college student. She is an immortal. Does she really need to go to college right now with Stephan missing and her brother, Jeremy, being back from the dead? Oh, and a super hot, they-finally-figured-it-out love affair with Damon. Come on! Loving Katherine's comeuppance. Being a human ought to teach her something.

The Voice

Okay, I need something light. I love the brotherly bickering between Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. I'm kind of done with American Idol, dance shows, and never really got into the X Factor.

but haven't had time to watch yet

The Borrowed People, Person of Interest, and Castle.

So, and I'm afraid to ask, what am I missing out on? If you watch any of the shows above, do you agree/disagree with my thoughts?

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!


Stephsco said...

I'm with you on all the TV shows. It was great when my husband and I were sick and we caught up on stuff. Now I'm going crazy with so much stuff recording. Usually we end up saving whole seasons to watch in the summer just because it's hard to keep up. I actually just finished last year's Nashville and Bones and now they are starting again.

It's funny you say you can't remember the guy's name from SHIELD--me neither. I think the casting is kind of bland, no one stands out other than Coulson and Ming Na's character. I want to like the show but the characters aren't standing out yet.

I love Sleepy Hollow. Had zero expectations. This is one that nailed it with casting, and thank God for some diversity in main characters. I actually like Vampire Diaries set in college. The whole thing is ridiculous, so why bat an eye that they are going to college and living in a dorm? (Which by the way, that is the biggest dorm room I've ever seen).

I'm also watching The Voice, thought I thought I'd skip it this time. Still love those early blind auditions. My other returning faves are New Girl, The Mindy Project, and Parks & Rec. We caught up on 3 seasons of Parks & Rec last Christmas (we were sick then too!) and really love it.

krystal jane said...

I'm just missing everything. I forgot to tape Once Upon A Time in Wonderland yesterday, so I'll have to dig up that episode before I can watch the next one. I missed the first two episodes of Sleepy Hollow. Still haven't watched this season's Once Upon A Time, but that's normal for me. I never did watch Vampire Diaries, but I read the original books, so thanks for the update. I like to know what's going on. :) I need to watch TV. I'm behind on everything but Big Bang Theory...

Martha Reynolds said...

We watch so little TV! Everything we do watch is recorded. Still a fan of The Amazing Race, for the traveling, not for the racers. We watched Nashville last season, but a couple of episodes in, I'm not impressed so far. We're big Netflix fans, and are currently catching up on Foyle's War.
I'm watching The Paradise on PBS Masterpiece, and looking forward to the return of Downton!

Jo Michaels said...

I wanna watch SHIELD. :) We've been watching Hostages. Seems okay so far, but I'm wondering how long they can really drag it on. Great idea, not a lot of potential for keeping it going. I'm loving Castle. Didn't care for Sleepy Hollow. I started watching Once Upon A Time when it first came out and lost my cable shortly after. :( Changed my habits because of that. Now I don't watch a lot of TV. I'd rather be writing anyway :) haha! WRITE ON!

Tia Bach said...

Thanks everyone for responding. I am so far behind, but trying to get around and show some blog love.

Love the suggestions here, especially for some comedy. I'm missing some good comedy in my life.