October 18, 2013

Death's Call: Death as a Character

As part of the Something Wicked Returns event, Ginny at Gin's Book Notes asked if I would write a guest post. One of the suggestions was to write about a spooky personal story. So I shared an eerie one about Death's call: Never Answer Death's Call.

I hope you'll stop by and read it. Plus, you can enter to win a signed paperback copy of Chasing Memories while you are there.

When I was writing the piece, I got to thinking... what books have featured Death as a character?

I loved The Book Thief, but that's the only one I could think of. Curiosity got the best of me, and I scoured the Internet. I was surprised to find only a few books claiming Death as a character: Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman and On a Pale Horse (Incarnations of Immortality, Book 1) by Piers Anthony. Milton's Paradise Lost was also mentioned (but someone noted Death is only mentioned once).

Death seems like such an intriguing character to me. So, what am I missing... are there other books with Death as a character?

Also, if you haven't had a chance, please stop by and listen to my YAPodcast (Episode 13). In addition to talking about the young adult genre, I answered questions about how I pick my characters' names and what inspired Chasing Memories. Plus, I read the prologue.


Sylvia Ney said...

Sounds like an interesting guest post. I'll have to check it out.

krystal jane said...

That story was really creepy. And I read that at night, too. Poor me. Lol!

Tia Bach said...

Sylvia - I hope you get a chance to check it out. ;-)

Krystal - Thanks!

Jo Michaels said...

Meet Joe Black started off life as a play: Death Takes a Vacation. It was a comedy. But Death is the main character and that movie always ALWAYS makes me cry :)

Great post, Tia! WRITE ON!