August 21, 2013

Unwanted Guest: ROW80 Update

Just to make the last week of summer fun, I picked up a little guest on my trip to the Dominican Republic--a little guest that made the last week or so very unpleasant. Now the meds to get rid of said guest are just as unpleasant.

Yes, that's a picture of my unwanted, and hopefully now expelled, guest. I should have warned you because it's not pretty. Just another reason my Muse has been in hiding since our move and return from vacation. She is scheduled to return when the girls go back to school next week, and I plan to keep her quite busy.

In the meantime, my blog tour is in full swing and keeping me quite busy. A few highlights:

Let Them Read Books posted a great review. An excerpt:

I give Ms. Bach major thumbs up for keeping the story compelling and unputdownable while not actually revealing much about what happened that night in Yellowstone. And I was OK with that. Though I'm anxious to put the pieces together, I can appreciate an intense, slow-burning build-up to a larger and more meaningful revelation.

Full review can be found here.

Simply Sensational Book Fanatics hosted an interview with me and created a beautiful post with Chasing Memories-themed graphics. A sample:

Q: Who inspires you?
Women who know how to balance strength and heart.
Read the full interview here.
I hope everyone is having a good writing week. Sorry I missed my Sunday/Monday check-in, but I did catch up on my sponsor visits, so it wasn't a complete miss.
Next week I will return to my original A Round of Words in 80 Days (ROW80) goals which include posting Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays; writing a least an hour a day on Book 2 of the Tala Prophecy series; and promoting Chasing Memories. I'm excited to get back on track.


Eden "Kymele" Mabee said...

Ack! Gardia? I really hope you've gotten rid of that visitor. Sometimes unwanted company is the worst--this would be one of those times.

Totally understandable that your Muse wants to maintain some space for a moment.... but she should be watching at least. This has to be good story fodder, after all.

Many hugs, Tia. At least you have some great reviews to enjoy in the meantime. :-D

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Blecchhh! Not a fun way to lose weight, huh? I hope you're feeling better now.

krystal jane said...

Okay...I'm cool. Lol!

Congrats on the positive reviews!
That's a great interview. I too fear writer's block far more than I've experienced it.

Hope you're having fun with the new project. ^_^ Glad you're feeling better.

Jo Michaels said...

I lived on a military post for a couple of years. Let me tell you, someone in my house always had something in their gut. I read a book once by Robin Cook called Toxin that explained there's no such thing as a stomach virus (he's a doctor who writes medical thrillers). People tried to tell me I picked up a 24 hour virus all the time. Oh, if only they were readers! Blogging today about things I learned while reading. hehe :)

**If you like a good medical thriller, read Chromosome 6. It left me with chills! If you like a little sci-fi/paranormal with your medical thriller, Invasion is a GREAT read.**

I'm glad you're on the mend. I know exactly how you felt. :(

I've been following the reviews and interviews. You're doing a great job!

Looking forward to seeing what book two has in store! :)


Shan Jeniah Burton said...

So sorry you're feeling unwell. Happy about all the great book news.

Yellowstone, eh? I lived and worked there for four years...first at the Old Faithful Inn, and later at Mammoth Hot Springs.

I'll be adding this to my TBR list...budget's a little less than liquid during this conference week...but soon.

I write very little during conferences, but, later, I have so many ideas...may it be the same for you!