May 29, 2013

Saying Goodbye: ROW80 Update

First, I want to thank everyone who helped me with the Chasing Memories cover reveal. I will do a more official, link-filled post later, but I wanted everyone to know how grateful I am. 

Plus, I wanted to share that the paperback is available NOW at Amazon -- earlier than expected. I didn't even know until a friend told me. I thought I'd at least get an email from Amazon saying it went live. Oh well. Kindle will be available soon! (the Amazon buy link)

This past week has been emotional. Our move to San Francisco is only three weeks away, and it's getting harder and harder to control the sadness that threatens to take me over every day. 

It's like finishing a book, one that has characters you've come to care about.

Have you ever loved a book so much that it was hard to say goodbye to the characters?

I think that's why series are so popular--the reader has an instant connection to the characters. There's no waiting period, no wondering if you'll like them or be able to connect.

I have no doubt that San Francisco will hold many new adventures and new friends, but I just opened the first page of a book by an author I haven't read before.

For now, all my energy is going into promoting Chasing Memories and preparing for the movers to come on Monday, June 10. But I did buy a notebook so I can easily jot down notes for Book 2 no matter where I am--or how many days I'm without Internet service. Eek!

That's it for my A Round of Words in 80 Days update. I hope everyone else is rocking their goals!


Shannon Knobel said...

Nothing is sadder than getting to the end of a great book, which is why I have always loved series. I also love when an author brings existing characters into new books, even if they are not the main characters of the new story.

A character is like an old friend. You know you can always pick up right where you left off the last time you were together.

Martha Reynolds said...

Great post, Tia! And you certainly have a lot going on.
I wrote a book, and six months later, I wrote its (necessary) sequel. Now I'm writing a third novel, totally unrelated to the first two, but some of my readers have said they want more of 'Chocolate'! Perhaps I'll revisit those characters after this WIP is finished.
Wishing you all crazy kinds of success in the coming weeks! xxx

Jo Michaels said...

I just hit upon an idea for a new book. I'm just not sure if I'm gonna be able to write it. Emotionally draining, it will be. My favorite characters live in Pride & Prejudice. I read it at least once a year because I never want to let the Bennett girls go.

Remember, even though you're moving across the country, your virtual friends are moving with you. We're always here, always ready to listen, and always have a minute for a friend. You have my number. If you need to talk about anything, call. I'll pick up. :) WRITE ON!

Kim Switzer said...

It's always hard to say goodbye to those characters you love, those places you love. Goodbyes are hard. But opening a new book is so exciting! Best of luck! And hurray for making a plan to let yourself keep working even if you don't have internet access. Nice planning there!

bookworm said...

I have found it hard to say goodbye to characters many times - from John Carter in the Edgar Rice Burroughs Martian series to Miranda in the "Last Survivors" YA series about events after an asteroid hits the moon and knocks it closer to the Earth. How many times have authors been forced to continue a series they were done with? (Last Survivors is getting a fourth book for that reason). Best of luck with your move.

alberta ross said...

A really great book takes a bit of moving on from:( but a new book is exciting full of possibilities - keeps the cells pepped up - and a great bif Yay to the 'humble' notebook where would us writers be without them - all the best:)

Billie Noakes said...

I really enjoyed this post, Tia, and glad to find you on the 2013 WordCount Blogathon! I thumb through "Depression Cookies" every so often, and look forward to thumbing through this next book! Thanks for the heads-up! --Billie