March 6, 2013

Is Visual Marketing Key?: WABC, Day 6

Day 6 of the Winter Author Blog Challenge (WABC), and I have a to do list a mile long. 

I set up my blog in late 2010 and after my first book was published. I didn't know anything about an author platform, had never heard of Twitter, had a Facebook account to post pictures of my too-cute children, and occasionally visited YouTube to watch a video of other people's too-cute children.

Although I know I've come a long way since then, I realize (especially with the prompts this week) how much more I can utilize social media.

Today's prompt...

With more than 800 million unique visitors a month, YouTube is one of the most popular search engines. Do you have a YouTube channel? 

Have you made a book trailer for your book? If not, what kind of book trailer would you like to make for your book? Do you have a video camera? If you do and you’re not posting short videos, you’re missing out on a huge marketing opportunity. 

It’s especially useful if you’re trying to reach a global audience, as 70 percent of YouTube viewers are in countries other than the U.S. 

I don't even like to take pictures, much less subject myself to being on video. Do I realize the importance of book trailers? Yes. I plan to do one for my YA release this year, and maybe one of these days I'll go back and do one for Depression Cookies. However, I think certain genres (YA for instance) do better as book trailers than others.

Do I think readers want to see every facial expression an author possesses shown on a less than flattering screen? No. 

Early in my Depression Cookies marketing, I did an interview via a You Tube video. It took me several, thanks to nerves and never knowing exactly where to look. But in the end I was pretty happy with it.

Check it out...

If there were more hours in the day, I would love to play with book trailer ideas. The ones that are done well are an asset, but I've seen some that actually turned me off the book. 

The second part of today's prompt...

If regular video posts are still on your To-Do list, what are some of the most clever video posts you’ve seen, and how might you do something similar to promote your books or yourself as an author?

Honesty is the best policy, right?

I go to YouTube for entertainment. Often I hop over from someone's FB post touting the "funniest thing I've ever seen." Typically, there's a baby or animal involved. 

Again, it comes down to time limits. If an author has a video embedded in a post, I often skip it and only read the content. I'm a fast reader, and I have a lot of blogs I like to get to. If I see that a video is short (less than a minute), I'm more apt to watch than longer ones. Feel free to ignore that last bit and watch the 3 minute video above. *smiles*

After all, I don't think anyone wants a bunch of authors doing the Harlem shake. (And I only know about things like this thanks to having a teenager.)

What videos do you watch on YouTube?


Sharon Himsl said...

I look at music u-tubes,book and movie trailers, and ones that teach something. I found a free writing course once that was quite good. Your interview is nice, and congrats on your book!! But I think a book trailer would be even better if you want to reach teens. Just my opinion. I'm writing a YA novel and almost done, so found this interesting. Thanks!

Sandi Tuttle said...

Love this post, Tia! I rarely watch YouTube videos - I can get addicted really fast!

One great tip I got from my beloved mentor was: "Keep your videos to no more than 2 minutes - less is definitely more. More content, more views, more hits, more repeat customers..."

Now, once I can actually DO that, I'm in business... :-)

rundy said...

An interview video may be just as effective, if not more so, than a book trailer in my opinion

Merlene Fawdry said...

I agree with Sandi re time length :-)

Justine M Dunn said...

I'm with you on the time length, perhaps it's because I'm so finicky myself about what I watch/attention span etc I am more reluctant to do one myself...

Well done on your one Tia - and I did watch the whole thing :)

Jo Michaels said...

I cracked up at your "Harlem Shake" comment. I, too, know what that means :)

Great video! How do you keep your hands so dang still?!?! :)