March 7, 2013

Good Google-y Moogle-y: WABC, Day 7

Welcome to Day 7 of the Winter Author Blog Challenge (WABC).

Today's prompt...

Have you jumped into Google+ yet? If you are a regular user, you are still considered an early adopter, and that’s a great place to be in order to make a name for yourself while few others are – especially if men are among your target market, as most users right now are male.
As marketing pro Linda Sherman puts it, “GooglePlus can give you access to influencers (i.e., other early adopters) who might not notice you elsewhere.” This is a CHALLENGE, so here’s my challenge with this prompt: If you’re USING Google+, tell us about your experience.
What I've loved most about these social media-themed prompts is how much I've learned. I had NO clue that men used Google+ more. Good to know, since I write women's fiction and my YA book will be appeal more to females as well.
I joined Google+ fairly early, but I haven't found it to be overly active. I have my blog tied to it, so I post there daily. However, I get a lot more responses from my Twitter and Facebook posts than Google+.
Both for Twitter and Google+, I use it only for promoting my writing and books. Facebook, I use both on a personal and business level. If I could only keep one social media outlet for strictly business, Twitter would win hands down.
Not much more to say on Google+. I'm interested to see what my other WABC friends have to say on the matter.
Do you use Google+ to promote your business?


Ashley said...

I think I originally set up my google+ account to share blogs like this one, haven't used it for anything else. Must go back and look at it - on my ever increasing to do list!!!

Jo Michaels said...

News: Next time you're typing up a blog post, type in the following and click on your name: +Tia Silverthorne Bach

Watch what it does in your post :)

Much love! WRITE ON!