August 8, 2012

It's a Small World: ROW80 Update

I love it's-a-small-world stories.

Early last year, I read an incredible book and reviewed it for Rebecca's Reads, Max and Menna by Shauna Kelley. Read my review here.

The book made such an impression on me that I immediately followed Shauna on Twitter, found and followed her blog and Facebook, and commented as often as I could on all of them. I'm sure she wondered who her stalker was. (Honestly, I do that very seldomly... although a lot more now than I used to. Judy Blume was the first author I ever followed on Twitter, and I think I've made it clear how obsessed I am with her work.)

From her blog, I knew she lived in Baltimore. I'm near DC, so it felt good to support a great author that was also local. I touted her book whenever I could. Funny how life works... she just moved to my town (my small town!) and we went out to dinner last week. I was thrilled. One, she wasn't afraid of her online stalker. Two, we talked books and she felt like an old friend after one dinner. Thanks, Shauna!

I love writers, have I mentioned that lately?

Mom, Elise Fallson & me
Next, my dear writer friend (and sister from another mister), Elise Fallson called me on my 40th birthday Saturday. Not only did she call me from France, she had her adorable children sing to me. Have I mentioned she's writing an incredible young adult book?! Hugs and thanks, Elise!

If you haven't checked out Elise's blog yet, please do.

I love writers, have I mentioned that lately?

Then, not long ago, the lovely Kim Switzer, a fellow ROW80 participant, made an offer I couldn't refuse... muse coaching. The offer came at the perfect time for this struggling-to-focus writer, so I took her up on it.

Kim had some amazing advice that really helped me harness my muse and focus on my writing. One of her best tips: break writing (or anything) down into small chunks. Start by setting a timer for even 10 minutes and focus on the task at hand. I got up to 30 minute chunks by the time our sessions were over. Amazing. I owe Kim a huge thanks!

Please check out Kim's services at MuseCraft: Creativity Coaching, Classes, Inspiration and Whimsy.

I love writers, have I mentioned that lately?

And if you'll pardon the blatant self-promotion for a bit, I was featured on Sandi Tuttle's An Average Woman in a Superwoman World BlogTalk Radio show. Please check it out here if you have a chance, and visit Sandi's blog. It's wonderful! (I met Sandi through the Author Blog Challenge in June). Thanks, Sandi!

What was your last it's-a-small-world moment involving online author friends?


A huge thank you to all my writer friends, especially those from A Round of Words in 80 Days (ROW80). Without you, I would be alone and my writing would suffer.

This week I have written my butt off, everything from my two novels to blog posts and reviews. Some of it was good, some of it tolerable, and some needs a whole lot of work. But it's progress. And that's the name of the game.

I leave for a week at Mom's on Thursday and then there is one week before school starts. I don't know how productive the rest of August will be, but I've got grand writing ideas and plans for August 27th and beyond.

Now, I'm off to catch up on some blog reading. I should stop saying catch up, because it's near to impossible at this point. Instead, I should say I'm off to recommit to my writer friends by reading as many of their blogs as I can.

What's the best writing advice you've received lately from your writer friends?


Elise Fallson said...

I love writers too! Glad you were able to get some writing done. Muse coaching sounds super interesting and loved the BlogTalk Radio interview. You did great. Have a great time visiting your mom, hugs to everyone for me. (:

Jaleh D said...

It's so much fun to get together with other writers. Love the pictures!

Jo Michaels said...

I wrote my blog and mentioned your post today because I needed further example and because I understand exactly what you're saying. I love writers for the same reason. They feel like old friends right away, don't they? WRITE ON!

Lauren Garafalo said...

Awww hearing all these stories about writer friends is so fun! I think it's amazing the relationships we're able to create having never met each other..and then when you finally get's even sweeter! Glad you've been getting in the words :D

P.S. Love your muse advice. That is actually how I tackle any unpleasant task. I know I can focus for 10 minutes, so I just break it down in chunks. It's the only way I get anything done lol.

Have a good rest of the week, Tia!

Eden Mabee said...

Yeay for love of writers! (really... I haven't met a writer that I didn't enjoy spending at least some amount of time with... even writers of genres I didn't read normally [this also explains why I have books in SO many different genres]).

Also YAY for the writing done and the new sense of "getting somewhere"... It can be hard sometimes. And Kim is wonderful. If you do Facebook, like her page there. She posts a lot of her great advice on that too.

Here's to a busy and productive August... Take things in little moments, and you'll be surprised at how much you'll get done.

Tia Bach said...

Elise, Thanks. I'm finally getting in a groove with this radio thing. No more Skype and big heads for me!

Jaleh, Thanks. Always love when you stop by.

Jo, I read the post and really enjoyed it!

Lauren, Yes focus, even for small chunks, is focus. And I need it! Once my kids are back to school, I'm going to be your #teamsprinty stalker, so I hope you're still doing it!

Eden, Kim came at the perfect time. Glad you stopped by.

I always love comment support. Thanks!

Unknown said...

You're life is so busy and full of work, people, and exciting things that even reading about it has left me breathless. :-)

Tia Bach said...

Lexa, I love the eye image (both when you leave a comment and the extended version on your blog)! I appreciate your comment. I am blessed. I complain about being overwhelmed from time to time, but truth be told... I love being busy. It's balance I struggle with.