August 5, 2012

Disappearing Days: ROW80 Update

The main thing I learned this week... Wednesday to Sunday flies by even more quickly during the summer. Add in the Olympics and my 40th birthday, and well...

Yes, my 40th. It came, it went. I survived. My husband whisked me away for a weekend in Baltimore, sans kids. It was lovely. We went out to a nice dinner. I wore cute shoes that left me with horrible, bleeding blisters. But all the best shoes do.

I haven't completely wrapped my head around 40. It's not the number. Having a preteen makes me feel old, but 40 doesn't. It's just making me more self-aware of what I want out of life. Good thing I know writing is one of things!

So now...

My A Round of Words in 80 Days (ROW80) Update

Writing: I wrote a rough chapter with all intentions of coming back to it. It was a word dump, but sometimes those are necessary. Tomorrow, I will read it with one eye closed. Better words that can be fixed than no words at all, right?

Blogging: Settling into my new schedule. Definitely sticking with it through August. No post-a-day challenges for me anytime soon. (Please remind me I said that if I dare speak of one.)

Reading: During my 40th getaway, hubby and I walked around Barnes & Noble for an hour. Blissful. I bought a Maeve Binchy novel (okay, three). I was saddened by her passing, especially since people had been recommending her books to me for years. I'm continuing to post reviews at Mom in Love with Fiction.

Social Media: Still catching up on #IWSG and ROW80 blogs, as well as other favorites. Need to be better about Twitter and at least try to learn Triberr.

Editing: Just added two new clients. So excited to start when the girls go back to school. Until then, I have an old favorite waiting for me. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I mean, I look forward to editing the end.

Hope everyone had a great writing/reading week.


Michael W. Roberts said...

Congratulations on your birthday and on still managing to get some work done on your goals. I've been a part of Triberr for a while now, and it took me some time before I found a tribe that I really clicked with. I've been really pleased with it ever since.

Have a great week!

Elise Fallson said...

So glad you got away for the weekend. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday and love the shoes! The last time I visited Baltimore I was with friends and we spent the day at the aquarium. (=

Jo Michaels said...

I love B&N. The smell, the whispers of the books, and the infinite knowledge on the shelves makes me smile :) Glad to see you getting your writing going with rhythm. WRITE ON!

Tia Bach said...

It was a lovely birthday, Elise. Thanks again for being part of what made it special!

Jo, It was such a treat. We don't have a nice bookstore near our home since Borders closed. I could have spent all day in there, but hubby was starting to gloss over.

Julie Glover said...

What a nice week for you! Congrats on 40. I'm enjoying my 40s; I'm more comfortable with myself at this age than I was when younger. Enjoy the Binchy books. I know that Minnie Driver was in a movie from one of her books too that I loved (can't think of the name of it!). Have a great week, Tia!

Lauren Garafalo said...

Happy belated birthday, Tia! Glad you got out of town and had a good time! So true about the best shoes :D

Good progress this week - keep it up!!

Kim Switzer said...

Happy birthday! Your weekend away sounds lovely. And yes. Definitely better to have words to fix than no words at all. Hurray for words!

Tia Bach said...

Thanks, Julie. I'm 2 weeks into 40. So far, so good. ;-)

Lauren, Thanks!

Kim, Thanks. I agree. Now I need to start accumulating more words. The girls go back to school 8/27, so I have high hopes for September.