September 21, 2015

Lion King Come to Life

We had an amazing weekend!

That doesn't always justify a blog post, but this time I thought it did. 

We took the girls to see The Lion King production. I had seen it way back in 2004 during a visit to New York. Years later, I have three girls who love the Disney movie so much they named our puppies after it. Nala and Sarabi.

So, it made me wonder what other Broadway production of a Disney movie I'd love to see. Beauty and the Beast is coming to our area early next year, and I heard Aladdin had a limited run in New York. Both sound amazing.

But, I'm thinking maybe...

Little Mermaid

Okay, I might have had some help from my girls on picking those, but I love them all.

What Disney movie would you love to see in a live production? Even more fun, what book do you think might make an awesome show?

My daughters voted for Harry Potter!

Wishing everyone a fantastic Monday!

1 comment:

Jo Michaels said...

GREAT pic! Sounds like fun! Hmmm... I think I'd like to see Star Wars on stage :) eh?