July 20, 2014

Awards, Summer & Puppies: ROW80

Happy Sunday!

I find marketing and self-promotion so difficult. It's not my comfort zone to talk about myself or my books, although I want them to do well and am quite proud of my work.

Last week, I found out Chasing Shadows is a Finalist in the Young Adult - Paranormal category for the 2014 Reader's Favorite Book Awards. I am thrilled, but it just now dawned on me to put it on my blog! 

One of these days, I'm going to hire a publicist. Until then, I need to be my own advocate and force myself to wear the marketing hat. I have no problem talking about other authors' books that I love. ARGH!

Please check out all the other finalists here.

Sunday is also my A Round of Words in 80 Days (ROW80) check-in day.

I'm almost 4,000 words into my anthology short story. I'm hoping to wrap it up this week. Now if only my puppies and children will create a serene environment for me to work in. *jerks back from the roaring laughter from everyone reading this post*

My goal is to blog Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Last week, I missed Friday. I have some big post-UtopYA plans for this blog, but summer is the worst time for big work plans. Since my other goal this round was to prioritize and make time, I really need to figure out my summer challenges. 

Overall, however, I'm managing to stay on top of things. I'll take it.

Since this just happened...

and my kids are still asleep, I better get back to work!


martha louise hunter said...

MWF on the blogging? that's fantastic & I am in awe! you're an inspiration!! MLH

Elise Fallson said...

Congratulations on being a finalist!! :)

Jo Michaels said...

Way to go, lady! I'm so very, very proud of you. :) Wow, those puppies are getting big. o.O

Good to hear you're getting on that 20k :) I did laugh when you mentioned a serene work environment. Um, yes, get back to work and WRITE ON! :)

Shan Jeniah Burton said...

You're a FINALIST! Wahoo, Tia!

I write mostly in bursts throughout the hours the kids are awake (not going to school means that not only are they with me most of the time, all year round, but that we all tend to follow our own individual needs for rest. All the hours they're awake sometimes encompasses all the hours I am, too, so I'd be sunk without those dribs and drabs! =)

And, awwww! Let's here it for sleeping puppies! =)