March 8, 2013

Quora for Questions: WABC, Day 8

It's day 8 of the Winter Author Blog Challenge, and I can't wait to see what our lovely host, Laura Orsini (aka Marcie Brock) comes up with next.

Today's prompt...

Are you using Quora? If you aren’t familiar with it, Quora enables users to ask questions and receive answers from those who allegedly know something about the topic. This is a phenomenal way to demonstrate your expertise – and even if you’re a novelist, you have an area of expertise – perhaps it’s simply “publishing your novel.”

Unfortunately, it seems you’re required to have an account before you can dig around – UNLESS you know a person’s profile link. Here are two you can check out:

Until I saw this prompt, I had never heard of Quora. Now, I'm registered and even following people. Time will tell how much I'll use it, but I constantly have writing, publishing, and marketing questions. Maybe I've found a go-to spot for answers.

Then, I started wondering... what areas would I consider my input valuable?

I came up with more answers than I thought I would.

After all, I have published a book, moved all over the country (and about to move to San Francisco, CA--a place I've never even been!), am mom to three daughters and the oldest of three sisters, am a grammar geek...

Those were just the first few that came to mind.

But just as importantly, I am full of questions on many different subjects, and I've never been ashamed of asking for help. A teacher once told me, "The only stupid question is the one left unasked."

Have you ever heard of Quora? If so, how have you used it?

Although I'm brand new, check me out on Quora here.


Toni Nelson said...

I had never heard of Quora either. I did sign up. I'm not sure how much I will really use it. I did notice you can set up a blog there.

Kebba Buckley Button said...

Tia, thanks for your post, which made me smile. I had not heard of Quora, either, until today! Blessings!

Jo Michaels said...

Dude, I signed up! :) I think, if we stuck together (all of us) we could OWN that site :) hehe

Off to do some more edits on a certain book sitting on my desk :)


Elise Fallson said...

I've never heard of Quora, but it definitely looks like something I need to check out! :)

Ashley said...

I think I get asked too many questions ar work and from my kids, sometimes I just get sick of answering, this is probably not for me.