March 10, 2013

Heaven = GoodReads + A Dessert: WABC Day 10 & ROW80

Oops, I was a bad girl and missed Day 9 of the Winter Author Blog Challenge (WABC).

What's my excuse?

First, it was Saturday. I promised myself I'd focus on family during the weekends. That's even more important now that my husband is working in San Francisco, and I'm in Maryland getting the kids through the school year (mid-June).

Second, the topic was Foursquare. From the prompt, For those unaware, FourSquare is a location tracking platform. Its users “check in” at various locations with a mobile device and are able to find out (track?) where their friends are. Location is based on GPS hardware in the mobile device or a network location provided by the app itself.

Quite frankly, way too many people find me as it is. No interest in announcing my whereabouts to the few who don't.

Today's prompt...

Are you on GoodReads? It seems a pretty obvious place for authors to hang out, yet I’m not sure authors are using it to quite the maximal benefit. If you are on GoodReads, how often do you visit/use the site? How often do you update your reading list? What other kinds of things do you post? Are you finding yourself using it the way social media was intended: to create a community?

I ♥♥♥♥ GoodReads! You can find me here.

Even if I wasn't an author, you would find me on GoodReads. Book cover, book summary, reviews... all in one convenient place. If it just allowed me to order a dessert and a Diet Coke while sitting in my bed reading, it would be my version of Heaven.

Plus, it's easy to sign up as a GoodReads author and add your book. In addition to being an easy place to find and leave reviews, I can go and mark books as "want to read" when I hear about them. Gone are the days of writing a book title on a piece of paper, one I would inevitably lose.

On average, I read two books a week, so I'm constantly on GoodReads and updating.

I have also joined several groups there, but I'm still looking for one that I feel is a great fit. Have any suggestions?

I highly recommend GoodReads to readers and authors alike. It's a great resource, marketing platform (giveaways & sharing your book's link and blog entries), and book lover's delight.


Now it's time for my Sunday A Round of Words in 80 Days (ROW80) update...

Writing: As I was working on Chasing Memories, my YA book, last week, Book Two started forming in my mind. Although I'm excited about continuing the series, I find writing a follow up even more challenging than the original. I plan to do a post on this idea after WABC.

Editing: Waiting to hear from my editor so I can get to work on Round 2 of Chasing Memories.

Blogging: Missed one day of the WABC (see above), but overall I am rejuvenated on blogging. Not too long ago, I was wondering if I could even keep up with MWF. My plan is to write a MINIMUM of 4 Blogging from A to Z Challenge posts this week.

Reading: Just finished an interesting book about Medusa. Review should be up early this week on Mom in Love with Fiction.

Speaking of my review blog, hop over today to find out more about this gorgeous book...


alberta ross said...

like goodreads but some weeks I never get there - have joined a few groups but not found one that really drags me back - must spend more time on it I think - writing a sequel - it's fun but more complicated:)

all the best for coming week:)

Julie Glover said...

I have a Goodreads account, but I now I'm not using it to its full potential. I rarely get on and update my stuff, and I haven't interacted with people there. I should change that.

Good week! I'm sure it's tough not having the hubby around. Hang in there.

Kate Copeseeley said...

I've been an active goodreads member since '08. A facebook for book readers? Uh, HELLO, did you guys read my mind??

I'm on there pretty much all the time and follow my favorite reviewers religiously, looking for new books to read.

When I self-published in late 2010, I did the whole author page thing, but I don't use it that much, except to link my blog to it. :)

Jo Michaels said...

Goodreads is amazing. I do hope you enter the giveaways over there. I'm sure with your reviewing track record, you'll win one. They love active reviewers :) Back to work I go! WRITE ON!

bookworm said...

I am not on GoodReads as much as I should be. I joined a couple of groups, but found I was not participating, so I unjoined. Plus, I'm a little intimidated about posting reviews. My book reviews, compared to those of many, seem second grade in comparison - speaking of writer's cramp: Typical what I end up coming up with: "I liked this book. It was about a dystopian future. I really liked it. The End." How can I write fluently on my blog and freeze up on GoodReads? So I don't bother.