February 15, 2011

Parenting - the Great Divide

Parenting is tough... no beating around the bush. Anyone who says it's not tough is probably not a parent or not doing a very good job. Mom and I learned a lot about each other as parents writing this book. There is no right way except to love your child and do your best.
I find it funny that the two parenting theories making the media rounds right now are in complete opposition to one another. Take Race to Nowhere with its tagline, "the dark side of America's achievement culture" and compare it to the Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother's anthem that Americans coddle their children and make them weak and unable to compete in the world's stage. I'd love to sit in the theater and watch Race to Nowhere next to Amy Chua and the film's creators and see the inevitable discussion break out between them.

I have a feeling there will be a whole new generation of writers exploring parenting and who gets it right, both in non-fiction and fiction. Those that follow the tiger or those in the race. Hmmmm. I think a middle ground is the best approach, but Lord knows I've been wrong before when it comes to parenting.

I wonder what Krista would have to say about Abby taking either approach. I'm sure she'd be pithy and judgemental, as I was before having my own children.


Angela Silverthorne said...

I love this! Who knows...Abby might have an opinion.

Tia Bach said...

No doubt she does! ;-)